Madukanda Tank – How Lovely is our Earth

While I was catching my breath yesterday I read some compelling posts in honour of Earth Day.  Sadly I didn’t have time to comment, let alone make up a post of my own.  Nor do I have time today – the move is in full swing and the Forest Officer will be here in half an hour to inspect all the wooden items I will be taking out of the country …

Madukanda Tank* isn’t a special place – it certainly doesn’t feature on any tourist literature about the island,  I doubt it’s even marked on the map – which is why I thought it would be a good example of just how lovely is our Earth.

*  Near Vavuniya, Sri Lanka

40 thoughts on “Madukanda Tank – How Lovely is our Earth

    • Isn’t it just? They’d recently had fabulous rains all over the north and everywhere the countryside looked magnificent (unfortunately we were unable to stop along the main road to take pictures, but I hope I’ll never forget that sparkling landscape).

    • Thank you dear – gobbling up every source of energy just now, which is how I saw your wonderful Earth Day post. Today I’m taking some little breaks, otherwise I’ll burn out with physical fatigue, stress and emotional turmoil! 🙂

  1. It is amazing to see the trees growing up out of the water. It all looks so lush and green and untouched by the horrors of the outside world. I know that is probably not true but at least we can see some of what we are trying to save on Earth Day.

  2. Sometimes those simple, “unmarked” spots are the most special reminders of the diversity and goodness of this little ol’ planet we call home! Wishing you a smooth transition to the next chapter of life.

  3. Verdant and beautiful! Thank you for these postcards from paradise. We are all going to miss them so much.
    Hope the packing is under control. Had no idea you needed clearance from a forest officer!

    • It’s illegal to chop down a tree here without a clearance certificate … and things like ebony cannot be exported at all – even if the tree used was chopped down a couple of hundred years ago! Also, lots of “religious” and “cultural” items are made from timber, and they want to keep an eye on their export too. It was a little off-putting – he (plus minion, of course) arrived with a file of photographs of everything made of wood, each piece numbered and named …

  4. Too beautiful, Meredith! I’ll miss Sri Lanka, too. Hope everything is going well with the move. Thank you for finding time for posting.

    • Thanks Amy. It was nice to have something else to think about for a little while … I’m sure there’ll still be Sri Lanka images in the future, just not a continual deluge, as you’ve been getting this last month or so! 🙂

  5. It truly is a beautiful spot and proof that not all of earth’s wonders come with a parking lot and tour guides. Thanks for using some of your valuable time to upload these photos.

  6. Beautful. I feel like I could step into that first photo and take a walk along the track. The countdown clock seems to have moved quickly all of a sudden…

    • Tell me about it! I’m trying to eat breakfast at the only spare surface available as people come daily now to take the things they’ve bought … Movers in on Friday … still some things to sell so shall stay with friends till everything’s sorted out but certainly by this time next month I’ll be up on the Sunshine Coast, hoping to do everything in reverse!

      So glad you set out for a stroll along the bund … 🙂

  7. Oh Meredith, what a lush, quiet spot for indulging some of those poignant farewell moments. Thinking of you with all best wishes for what you have ahead of you and the delights to come from your views of the Sunshine Coast!

  8. Beautiful tree photos. I love to hear that there has to be a clearance certificate before a tree can be cut down.The world would benifit if more countries had that rule. Is that Sunshine Coast Queensland you are coming to?

        • Thanks dear. I’ve been keeping a track of Brisbane’s temperatures the last couple of weeks just to get into step. I guess yours – and mine – will be a whole heap better, but there it seems to be see-sawing, Pommie – 29 one day, 25 the next – a bit confusing for a tropical blossom like me! Hopefully by the time I get there at the end of May it’ll have made up its mind to be chilly at night and warm in the sun during the daytime – I could do with chilly I must say – it’s hot here now, the worst time of year really.

          • It’s been warm and sunny every day this week but cools down a bit at night so you can get a good nights sleep. No humidity. You say you could do with chilly… Well try this we are going to Hobart Tasmania next week for 8 weeks, only 17 dropping to 8 at night…. Brrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

  9. i cannot believe the move has come round so quickly. All the best in the next few days. This is a very special and beautiful place you have been chronicling, but every place has its stories.

  10. Your photos of trees and water are so beautiful and evocative. We visited Sri Lanka for a short holiday in 1995 and went looking for monitor lizards in a boat on the Bentota Ganga River a little way up from its estuary. It was green and dreamy as I recall.

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