Guess Whose Uncle was Up in the Custard Apple Tree?

The other day, early, I heard the boom boom whoop of the old boy, high up in the trees behind the house.  It’s been a while since the troupe visited – too long – it’s been lonely without the familiar sounds of them bounding over the roof, catching flashes of them leaping across the void to one of the trees on their aerial pathway.

Then, later, guess whose uncle I saw, believing he was hiding from me, up in the custard apple tree?

Serendipity – WP challenged us to look up this weekend.  Well, it was fun to see this shy fellow – but greedy me,  I wonder if young Hanuman and his mother will drop by before I leave?

39 thoughts on “Guess Whose Uncle was Up in the Custard Apple Tree?

  1. wow, magic shots meredith! i was thinking your troupe a few days ago and wondering if you had seen them , especially since your departure is looming, it gladdens my heart and lifts my spirits to see them in the custard apple tree … marvellous!!!

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  4. These kinds of neighbours have a way becoming part of a wonderful living landscape, and we welcome the gift of their presence and think of them in their absence, theirs or ours 🙂

  5. Delighted to meet one more member of the Hanuman family 🙂 Wouldn’t it be a perfect – for you and the rest of his fans – if Hanuman dropped by himself to bid adieu?

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    • Yes, I do – always, food, but more pressingly, if he catches me looking at him, he’s trying not to be seen – the troupe is living on the edge of an expanding city and I’m afraid they must be experiencing more and more adrenaline rushing run-ins with us humans and/or our animals.

  7. Serendipity part 2 – Just a couple of hours back, I stepped out of the house, and immediately ran back in… A monkey was climbing up the stairs, heading upstairs towards me. With so many trees around, it was kind of funny, the monkey taking the stairs 🙂

  8. Nice one for ‘up’. Haven’t seen our monkeys for a while now, obviously not time. Although as nisperos are coming into fruit and figs too, I would have thought they may pay a visit soon.

    Hope your troupe find time to say Bon voyage.

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  11. I see your departure is quickly approaching — I know you will have wonderful new adventures and perspectives to share with us, although I will miss the regular visits to the SriLankan corner of the world.

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