It’s Amazing!

We think we’re so clever – and of course we are! – but to me it’s the so-called lesser creatures – nature itself – which really have the WOW factor.  Look at this bird’s nest, isn’t it amazing?

It's Amazing Detail

No eggs yet – it’s still under construction – but already it’s a rare and precious thing and its’ builders are treasured as welcome visitors by the people whose front door has been given the honour of this year’s house.

It's Amazing

1000 FollowersSegue to a note I found in my Reader this morning – isn’t it amazing?  That’s a decent sized theatre of you who’ve chosen to hit the “Follow” button to receive a notice whenever I post something about this wonderful world and the places I’ve seen.  Truly, it’s amazing.

Welcome, honoured guests.  I’m so grateful for your support, and look forward to getting to know you.  Please pop down to the bench and have a chat – I’m trying to keep up but I have to admit I’m preoccupied with all this packing up the moving arrangements, so please, don’t be shy – even if I haven’t been over to say hello yet, I’d love to hear from you.

27 thoughts on “It’s Amazing!

  1. well done meredith, your picturesque and fascinating blog will continue to have appreciative followers for as long as you write and post your luscious photos … long may the wanderlustgene thrive!

      • we are so privileged to live at a time we can share our thoughts, ideas and experiences with others around the world, with a community who foster understanding, change things and bring about new possibilities … perhaps our community can help forge a better world m!

  2. Congratulations! You have carved out such an exceptional space in the blogosphere, that it isn’t surprising at all that you have attracted such a huge appreciative audience. Here’s to the next 1000 Meredith! Way to go 🙂

  3. well done TWLG, 1000 people are dreaming of your travels, and touched by your pictures and stories

  4. That’s wonderful, Meredith! 1,000 followers are very lucky to have found you. I’m pretty sure I don’t even have 100.
    I’m looking at your countdown and it is just over two weeks from now. The insanity will start now.

  5. I do indeed feel honored to have become one of your followers, and so glad that I found you here on WP. I was chuckling just last night as I responded to one of your comments, and thinking how amazing it is to sit in my kitchen in California and correspond with someone in Sri Lanka.

    • I agree with Angeline!
      My congratulations M. ! But your blog is so wonderful!!! And you dedicate so much time to answer people and to make us feel unique!!! It is not a surprise!!!
      Big hug from rainy Spain!!!
      On Tuesday I will be thinking of you…:)

  6. Yes, that nest id really amazing, Meredith. Thanks for sharing your photos. Congratulations on your 1000 followers. I’m not at all surprised. 🙂 Hope the packing up is going well.

  7. That nest is so exquisite and made with such detail and such care its awe inspiring.
    Sincere congratulations from a first visitor on your 1,000 🙂

  8. CONGRATULATIONS … on such a fabulous # of followers … well deserved.
    The bird nest is so very delicate. I am always astonished when I see the birds making nests in the trees behind my house. I have never gone near them. I believe they don’t like it but I’m not sure. This nest will be ready soon for new baby bird eggs. The cycle of life before your eyes.
    Lovely …

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