Then There’s An Old Man And An Old Bike

There’s no question the pyramids are old.  The famous three at Giza were built in a spate of pharaonic might and zeal over four and a half thousand years ago.  Jump the Mediterranean, and a couple of millennia, to that jewel of Western civilization, the Parthenon –  it too is old.

And then there’s an old man, and an old bike, seen outside the Bavani Stores, Nirveli*.

And an old Bike

White hair, chronologically old perhaps, but fierce and independent.

An Old Man

Old is relative.

Posted in response to Sue Llewellyn’s  Word a Week Challenge this week: “Old”.

*  North of Jaffna, Sri Lanka.

27 thoughts on “Then There’s An Old Man And An Old Bike

  1. The man doesn’t look old to me…………oh wait a minute…..does that mean I’m old?
    The bike definitely looks old. And I’d like to try that fruit blast facewash, sounds delicious.

  2. What a lovely share.. the old man does appear quite fierce… but then so do most older chaps that are fit and lean as he is… I like him… but that that is old…

    • Cling – because it’s so, my father said (and showed it to be) so!

      (Packing’s going a little better than I’d thought, though the second pass through, when the final decisions have to be made is still ahead of me! 😦 )

  3. Old but still valued and purposed! Very refreshing, both the old bloke and the bike. In a society where youth and new is worshipped, it’s good to see 🙂

  4. You could make an exhibit of shots taken as he goes about his day. As a viewer, I want to see more of him.
    I’m a tactile person and have been lucky enough to tour Giza and Athens. What a thrill it was to place a hand on a Pyramid and again on the Parthenon! Dreams really can come true.

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