N is for Nidagannawa

I’ve been waiting for an opportunity to post this shot.  It doesn’t fit with my usual stories of life in Paradise – of the exotic and beautiful island of Sri Lanka.  But in calling for stories of the letter “N”, Fizz put the reason right into my hands, because “N” is for “nidagannawa” – to sleep, to nap, or at a stretch, to nod off. though this was beyond nodding off.

Having lunch out the other day I happened to look up as the young couple across the way settled down for a postprandial zizz.    There was no way I wasn’t going to take a photograph, though it felt indecent – as though I were sneaking up to the crack in their  bedroom door, spying on them sleeping sprawled across the bed …

Nidi, Nap

30 thoughts on “N is for Nidagannawa

    • I don’t think we can blame the wine, Angeline – seemed strictly teetotal, with glasses of lime juice still on the go. My theory is that they’ve a late night flight out, and no hotel room, so an afternoon nap at Barefoot seemed a safe place to catch up on sleep. Perhaps they’re just into siestas and don’t care where they catch one? Whichever – it was very strange, and so deliberate!

  1. I don’t see it as indecent capturing two sleeping people.. you have not shown faces and ID would probably be unlikely… but it is nice to see that they have no qualms about having a short snooze before going on… how many people do you see at the airport fast asleep, mouth agape and gone to the surrounds… I often wonder how they catch their flights… I think your word is magnificent if not brand new to me… lovely share…

    • It’s a wonderful word, isn’t it?

      I know it wasn’t really indecent, it was just that their nap seemed so deliberate that my taking a picture of them, gone to the world, seemed intrusive. But I agree, far better to take a decent nap at a restaurant before getting to the airport and not being able to keep your eyes open!

  2. It made a lovely picture story – no not indecent.

    I used to fall asleep at my desk after lunch (the office was like a greenhouse, with huge S facing windows). One day The Director General came to see me, and I woke to see him sitting by my desk asking if I were alive!

    • The being able to sleep is an enviable thing but I’d feel too vulnerable to lie down for a nap in a restaurant – even such a laid back one like this! But good on them, I say – I’m sure they needed their rest.

  3. I guess if needs be… I am renowned for being able to cat nap pretty much anywhere, even on the back of a moving motorbike but I’ve never napped in a cafe. A boss years ago would take off for a meeting room with a report to read and nap while doing so 🙂

  4. I don’t know their reason, but I’ve been touring and sat for a minute, only to fall fast asleep. It happens and, yes, had I been witness as you were, I most certainly would have taken a photo or two. 🙂

    • This was more than nodding off, John – they cleared the place in front of them and spoke to each other before crossing their arms on the table and lying (their heads) down to go to sleep! 🙂

  5. Wonderful capture!
    Nidda is so much like ‘Nidra’ in most Indian languages including my Tulu! Strangely the Tamil word for sleep – ‘Thooka’ – is very different!

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