The Busker

On a blustery Sunday afternoon, the rain stopped and the people of Paris came out to stroll in the Tuileries gardens.  Boys and fathers sailed model boats on the pond, young mothers pushed well-sprung prams, chatting all the while.

But nobody chose to loiter on the benches between the trees, and the buskers, with cold fingers and serious faces, had a difficult time attracting a crowd.

The Busker

Jardins Tuileries, 1976

Thanks to Sue for this week’s Word a Week Photo prompt, Music.

33 thoughts on “The Busker

    • So young, he looks! Do kids today look as young as they did back then, I wonder. Sometimes when I look around the innocent faces seem to be the exception, making me think kids are growing up too soon.

      He was doing a Bob Dylan rip off, I think – folk goes solo rock 🙂

  1. One of my all-time favorite words. It perked my ears a few years ago when Johnny Depp used it. I think he was talking about busking in Paris. I can picture him now with some Django Reinhart-era acoustic guitar down in the metro with his chapeau covering his face. Playing a timeless melody, busking for euros – or is it francs?

  2. What I love is the timelessness of this picture. It seems like it could have been taken anytime in the last 40-50 years! One of the things I love about Paris. Thanks for sharing a great moment, frozen in time.

    • Well, you’re spot on with the dating! You’re right though (even if it seems very strange that my lifetime is becoming ‘antique’), it’s a timeless scene that Paris can guarantee these days.

  3. Reblogged this on parislux and commented:
    Funny how this has not changed in Paris. The model boats… However you ll find musicien out of the parks and rarely in any more.
    The parks atmosphère in Paris, is Still one of the nicest things, for young to old…

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