The Door to Number 10

When one half of the front door looks like this, you can be pretty sure you’re in for a treat.

Turquoise Door Detail

and so it proved to be!

This was the door to my room – Number 10 – and my key, of course.

Built of traditional wattle and daub – even the floor was made from mud – with a thick layer of cajan protecting the corrugated cement sheet roof – the rooms were cool and quiet, perfectly insulated, and of course, no creepy crawlies – though I did have a gauzy white mosquito net, just in case (didn’t need it – there were no mozzies in the Knuckles in March!).  The window shutters were of the same style and vintage:

And, because enough is never enough, a few more doors I snapped walking around Samadhi the morning after the retreat.

This is the final post of photographs from Samadhi, up in the Knuckles.  Previous series include:

A Map – here’s a screenshot of the area, with Kandy about an hour away by tuktuk.  One climbs up onto the Knuckles Mastiff along that little road following the river to the left of the red dot.

Screen Shot 2013-04-02 at 11.10.48 AM

31 thoughts on “The Door to Number 10

  1. Oh my! Special seems an understatement Meredith! I will certainly want to make time to visit this amazing place when I get to Paradise 🙂
    (We meant to hop over for a quick visit, but R lost his uncle last week and there are a whole lot of loose ends to tie up. The jinx at work at again :-))

    • Wouldn’t that have been something!

      You’ll love Samadhi, Madhu so I hope you copy the link into your travel book for when you do make it. My condolences to R – those diminishing family circles that leave us ever closer to the top are confronting as well as sad.

    • I’m sure it will, Ilargia – once I’ve managed the first hurdles. And, if truth be told, I’m quite looking forward to it in many ways. It’s beginning to get really hot and muggy, which I seem to struggle with more each year, so I’m looking forward to what passes for ‘winter’ where I’m going, also the food, a really good apple, for instance, and cheese, decent cheese. My recent trip up north was like a bit of a closer, and that’s helped a lot.

  2. I can imagine a whole story around this enchanting place. It would be a thrill to stay in a room like that for even one night. Of course long flowing gowns of gossamer would be required attire.

  3. A wondrous place, to be sure. It’s like you’re opening a door to history and the photo through the half-open door only reinforces that feeling. Nicely done and thanks for bringing us along.

    • Ahhh – love happy dancing eyeballs Moonbeam! So glad to see you – stealing chunks of time away from packing, well sorting mostly – I’ve not been catching up. That’s something else to look forward to when I get back to Oz and begin my new life. 🙂

  4. sigh; morning has awakened over here, and i have made little progress catching up on your posts. i am glad to have opened this one – the doors, skeleton key, total eperience was a rewarding one.

    i hope to catch up when the interenet gets faster (when everyone else goes to sleep!) which will be more than 12 hours from now!

    more then, i hope!

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