Speaking of Entrances …

… there’s a triumphal new entrance to the dagaba on Nagadeepa

Speaking of Entrances

which is all the excuse I need to introduce you to some of the faces I met on the ferry the other day

and of course, to the ferry itself, what I saw from its’ windows, and the scenes around its’ dockings and departures.

To save you popping over to Google Maps, here’s a screenshot of the Jaffna peninsular.  I’ll post about our road trip out to the islands in the days ahead.  It was a magical water world that made me think of how the Venice Lagoon must have looked, all those years, ago, before Venice became Venice.

Jaffna Peninsular

This is my second post in response to Jake’s Entrance challenge this week.  I know it’s excessive, but by next week I’ll no longer be able to procrastinate about the packing and sorting – it’ll be a full-time job – and i did so want to give you a little more of the flavours of the northern part of Paradise.

19 thoughts on “Speaking of Entrances …

  1. The paintings onboard the ferry are lovely. This is one boat trip I definitely want to accompany you on, Meredith. Missed the first Entrance, but I’ll catch up.

  2. Am glad you are getting in these last minute trips before you really have to tend to the inevitable. Always love shots of faces. Gives a sense of place. Thanks for including a map. It helps for those of us geographically challenged. 🙂

    • Yes, this flurry of farewell trips has been really great, Lynne – helping me to let go and concentrate my mind on the big adventure to come. Just a few fiery hurdles to manage first … 🙂

    • Oh how I wish I could give in to that alluring idea – trouble is that’s what happened when i packed up the house and moved over here – piles and piles of things that should have been sorted and filed or thrown away. Also I’m moving from a house to a little apartment – when I eventually find something I can afford – in the meantime I’ll have to rent a room in a share house and pay to store my things …

      But I did so want to post about my trips before i leave. I will keep up this site when I’m back home, but I want to concentrate on exploring my new environment. One day a name for my new blog will pop into my head, and that’ll be another tick on the getting ready side of the table.

      Hope you had a great break at Easter.

  3. i love them too … the blue of the ferry really sets off the faces 🙂 my favourite is number 7 … it is really important to get this story out now .. once you move there will be so much more to concentrate on and we will all be waiting months to see/share your recent holiday to the north, although you have a propensity to bring our treasures from the past too 🙂

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