There’s No Getting Around It – It Can’t Be Ignored

We were on our way to watch the sunset from the beach when we rounded a corner and there, in front of us, were the shattered remains of a temple structure.

Like a Lone Tooth

With a synchronicity not unusual between us, we looked at each other and stopped the car.  As easily as we had agreed we didn’t need to see the sites of infamy and shame, of martyrdom and mayhem, we knew there was no getting around it, the war can’t be ignored.  Despite new roads, electricity, pipe born water and flourishing farms, its heavy hand still hovers.

I’m not going to talk about it except to post this series of photographs of an old temple and what it’s destruction stands for – has stood for across the aeons Man has been incapable of learning how not to hate.

While only “Man is Vile”, the human spirit also has the capacity to soar and transcend.  A huge new building is being erected on the transverse axis of the ruins.

And, as the sun sunk lower we saw that life continues.

27 thoughts on “There’s No Getting Around It – It Can’t Be Ignored

  1. ….and I managed to use the wrong name, Wanderlust! Apologies. Shouldn’t really be visiting, a bit dozy, but I do love your and Madhu’s sites for a bit of virtual travel…so refreshing.

  2. The pictures say it all. But one can always rebuild. The really tragic part is the destruction of people’s lives – but then, humans are good at picking up the pieces too…

  3. You’ve managed to convey the beauty that once was. If we are to move on in life, we must look through the hate and devastation that man can cause, and see the good.
    Wonderful photography, M.

  4. When will we ever learn? Such incredible loss. It’s as of Mother Nature has decided that since we couldn’t care for it, she would reclaim the temple grounds.

      • I am now living in Pickering. My move has been made complete. All that is left is the unpacking. I went for my first walk the other day and was pleasantly surprised with what I found. I will be posting some pictures soon. You must be getting close to your moving date. I haven’t seen the count down for awhile.

        • I had to look it up, Michelle – couldn’t remember exactly where Pickering is – what an awful lot of backwards and forwards in such a short time, my dear – I hope the new place is happy and nurturing for you both … and that you can find your camera soon so you can share the signs of springtime – a new beginning for us both.

          My countdown is back on – the movers come in less than three weeks – have to be out of the house by the end of April and hopefully will leave the island a couple of weeks later, if I can tie up all the loose ends by then (sell the car, mostly, and be comfortable about the dogs – I made a mistake about Mr. P and I’m having to rehouse them – thank goodness I kept some of those numbers from the calls when I placed the ad!!!!).

  5. Very poignant post and images. Somehow, I hadn’t given much thought to the destruction of religious structures in SL! Naive of me to think they would be spared however inextricably linked the two religions are!

    • I don’t know the story about that temple – I’ll leave the searching till I’m back home I think. It might have been in the wrong place at the wrong time but it’s naive to expect it’d be any different here than in any other theatre of war.

  6. Someone knocks something down, someone else builds again… As you say life continues… but it does seem pointless and petty to knock down a building.

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