The Voluptuousness of Circles and Curves

We had a massive storm the other night which apparently hit a power sub-station.  While the CEB waits for a part to arrive from overseas, we in Colombo are experiencing rolling power cuts (where I live it was eleven hours on Tuesday, only a couple, yesterday, who knows about today).  Anyway – bear with me if my posting and visiting remains erratic as the cuts always happen without warning, so I’ve no way of planning and even if I have power for my router, that doesn’t mean my service provider has sufficient power to operate the network effectively.  It took over 20 minutes to download one photo yesterday morning and during much of the afternoon the service was so slow it would timeout trying to access email.

Which is also why there’s a flurry of posts from me this morning – I’m striking while the iron’s on 🙂

Thanks Cee for this week’s Circles and Curves challenge.

14 thoughts on “The Voluptuousness of Circles and Curves

  1. hey, marvellous! what fun to find those circles in your library and the circlet of red, just waiting for a chance to shine on a bigger stage! our internet is still fragmented and slow, but at least we have a phone line, even with all the loud buzzing …

  2. A gorgeous selection of circles and curves! Love the red circlet in particular. Hope the power situation is better by now. Our scheduled cuts have been shortened to 11/2 hours (from 2) in deference to approaching summer torpidity 🙂

    • It is feeling as though summer’s setting in, doesn’t it? The cuts are shortish now, with no discernible schedule.

      The circlet of red ginger is perfect, i think – I’ve never grown one so complete. 🙂

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