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The MMS notification that the bank has emptied debited my account for its credit card payment reminds me that another month has slipped away.  Only one month more in Paradise – which is just as well because bit by bit my nest is being dismantled as new owners take possession of my dining room table, and the little desk, the big storage cupboard and the bookcase, the daybed out on the veranda …

It also means Marianne’s “Framed” photo challenge is about to expire without my participation, which would be a shame because I’ve some new images from our adventures up north last week – and a day down at Bentota revisiting the Bawa brothers’ sublime gardens (in the rain) on Sunday.

Beginning with the sun coming up over the ocean at Thalpe when I was down for the Galle Literary Festival last year, to a sunset from my back garden – I give you Sri Lanka in the frame (click on any image to activate the gallery).

Before I go, and most importantly, two bloggers I’ve been enjoying:

  • From Rome to Guatemala and funky in between, the photography of Alessandro Ciapanna is a treat I look forward to seeing in my Reader every week.  If you don’t know his work already, pop over and see what I mean.
  • A young woman from Goa, Sandra D’Souza brings me a different eye – sometimes vibrant colour, mostly in dramatic monotone.  Her journey in search of her style brings something fresh each post.  I’m sure you’ll enjoy it too.

26 thoughts on “In the Frame

  1. I´m sure it must be a bittersweet time for you right now, Meredith – almost at the end of your time in Sri Lanka, but about to return to your homeland. Precious memories indeed and beautifully framed for this month´s CBBH Photo Challenge.

    My favourites are from the jetty at Nagadeepa and your final photo of the beautiful sunrise at Thalpe, though I am a sucker for tuk+tuks, too 🙂

    And, I have a new treat ahead, as I don´t know either of the bloggers you have featured this month – so that´s where I will be HOPPING over to, right away!

    Wonderful framed challenge – thank you for sharing delightful photos.

    • I’m really happy to see that Just One Pot is heading the favourites list.

      Yes, it is tough, leaving, but each day it draws closer my interest in what lies ahead grows. I wonder what it will feel like on the final day? But yes, life itself is an adventure, and until I’m in the ground I’ll be avid to explore. 🙂

    • Funny thing you should say that, Jo because I keep it draped over ‘my’ chair, at ‘my’ desk, along with my handbag – so I always know where to find it!

      That beach house vista is perfect, isn’t it?

  2. This, for me, was one of the most enjoyable challenges. There were so many creative ways used to frame and enhance the subjects. Yours here certainly are no exception. The scene from the jetty would not be nearly so striking had you not captured it with a doorway as a frame. Beautifully done.

    • It’s my great pleasure alessandro! I’ve been enjoying your great photographs for a while. Every month we share two bloggers we enjoy who might be new to others – our way of sharing the joy of blogging and the hand of friendship.


  3. So evocative of paradise, every single one! And of your love for SL 🙂 Hope the move isn’t too hard for you Meredith. Off to check out those promising links.

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