“So We Can Breathe Better”

These green banners for the Five Minute Green Test have become a common sight in Sri Lanka now.  An initiative to control exhaust emissions, every vehicle on the island must be tested (and passed) annually before registration can be renewed.  Isn’t it great?

This testing centre, on the road to Digana, caught my eye because of the lush forested hillside behind – clean air’s just what trees need too.

20 thoughts on ““So We Can Breathe Better”

  1. We had emissions testing like that statewide in Massachusetts, but not in Florida. Here in the USA the decision to test (or not) is left up to local governments. Some of the larger FL cities DO test, but here in Vero Beach, no.

    Is it an expensive test?

  2. That is so encouraging! People don’t like regulations, but enforcing the laws probably is the only way to get it done right…

  3. We in Illinois, test our cars bi-annually. That’s the law, anyway. I see far too many trucks, however, belching fumes for the law to be properly enforced — or trucks have a different set of laws. Always good to see that someplace is doing it correctly. That bus in the lane for testing would never be seen here.

  4. Excellent idea. Illegal hgere in Australia to have vehicles emitting too much pollution. Pity about the factories, power stations etc though, and the legal and acceptable vs safe levels.

  5. It’s definitely a good idea, but what the world really needs is governments –everywhere– to encourage people to drive less.

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