What do St. Patrick’s Day, Ireland and Sri Lanka Have in Common?

Green!  This is a green island – and I can tell you, for a girl from a sunburnt country, green’s the most enticing colour in the world!   Let me show you just a few more green scenes, shot over the last couple of weeks:

At the mal pola – the weekly plant market:

Even the beaches are cloaked in green:


Fittingly – since Peradeniya is the site of Sri Lanka’s excellent botanical gardens, and the garden-like campus of the island’s first, and premier university – I was bowled over by walls and banks of green:

At Peradeniya also, I came across a tree – its delicate new leaves almost fluorescent on that grey, dismal day – to prove to you that yes, we do have Spring:

DSCN8717 - Version 2

While up on a misty plateau of the Knuckles Mastiff, multi-hued paddy fields created a green sea surrounding this pink farmhouse on its coconut-fringed island:


Thank you Ailsa for proposing an ever-inspiring green theme this week.

41 thoughts on “What do St. Patrick’s Day, Ireland and Sri Lanka Have in Common?

  1. ireland and sri lanka, two green islands, but ireland does not have green beaches! wonderful photos, i really love the last one of Knuckles Mastiff 🙂

    • Isn’t it gorgeous! I got the driver to stop on our way back down after the retreat and would have stayed for a lot longer except that it was beginning to rain heavily again and the little ambalama at the village was pretty full of villagers waiting for the bus – I didn’t think it was fair if I stayed dry and they had to stand out in the rain, especially with an hour or so in the bus ahead of them.

        • Yes, I will, but there must be some gorgeous places and lovely people on the Sunshine Coast, surely? Seriously, it’s funny you should say that just now, because, this last couple of days, selling my ‘stuff’, I’ve met a couple of people and we’ve looked at eachother and said “what a shame it was we didn’t meet before!”. I’m hoping for the best … 🙂

      • I did notice the tulips peeking through now that you mention it. I think tomorrow I will go out and photograph them. Thanks for the reminder. The weather here has been good one day with summer like temp and cold and freezing rain the next day.

  2. Green as far as the eye can see. It is so beautiful and you capture it so well. I’m glad you are still exploring while you are preparing to leave. You must revel in ever second of your Shangri La.

    • Sometimes, Ruth – out in the woods and countryside quite a lot of the time, in fact – though strangely (since smells are something I’m very attuned to) that almost sweet earthy smell of perfect compost isn’t what I register because in truth, there’s usually a base note of other smells too, faint, but always perceptible – decay, moulds, mildews – which are all part of the cycle to produce such fecundity. 🙂

    • You and me too, Madhu – and although it’s immediately recognisable as being the river at Kandy – in fact it could be any river at almost any place, so typical is it. Having said that, I’m so looking forward to seeing what it looks like up in the arid north.

    • Um … yes, quite a lot of rain! We consider we’re having a drought if we don’t have one decent downpour at least once every couple of weeks! But it’s a bit like Camelot, Emily – we rarely have rain that goes on and on, lasting more than a couple of days at a time. Usually its a downpour followed by sunshine, or even better, a great storm just before sundown which cools and moistens at the same time!

      It’s going to be interesting this week, heading north and into the dry zone …

  3. Now these are a sight for Winter-weary eyes! I’ve often wondered how difficult it must be for someone from that part of the World to adjust to living here. It’s not just the seemingly horrific cold weather but the lack of green for 5 months of the year. There is nothing remotely similar between that pink farmhouse with its verdant surroundings and an Illinoisan farmhouse in the dead of WInter surrounded by snow covered fields.

  4. I love green. I don’t know what the science is but it seems to rest my eyes when I gaze out onto green hills or pastures, and walking in Sydney Park I often find myself sighing wonderfully as I contemplate the vast (by city standards) expanses of green grass. Even better when just mowed and the fragrance is a great accompaniment.

  5. it is green…NZ is usually very green though coming home from Auckland last week i drove through the brownest hills…never seen it like this before here

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