The Modern Kingdom of Kotte

Strange co-incidences happen, don’t they?  After leaving The Girls with Mr. P., I spent the rest of the day and evening with a friend rather than go home to an empty house.  Still at a bit of a loose end the next morning, I called Athulla and his three-wheeler to take me home the slow way – stopping to take photographs of my neighbourhood, and the new parks that are sprouting up in my part of town.  Colombo used to be known as a garden city – perhaps it will be again.

Crossing the narrows of the Diyawanna Lake  – the lake created from the swampy marshland of the Diyawanna Oya to become the site of independent Sri Lanka’s new Bawa-designed Parliament building – we arrived back in Kotte  – my neighbourhood, once the last lowland Lankan kingdom.

Hundreds of photographs later, and too hot and uncomfortable to think of anything but a long cool shower – I laughed when I saw that this week’s photo challenge was to do just that – albeit with my phone.  Well, if you’d ever seen what pass for photos from my old phone, you’ll excuse me using my regular camera – anyway, that’s what I had with me!

Further up the road, beyond the swamp, another aspect of my neighbourhood:  Peaceful Pools of Tranquility

Weekly Photo Challenge – My Neighbourhood.

30 thoughts on “The Modern Kingdom of Kotte

  1. Fabulous photos, and what a lovely tour of the city! Those park photos make me want to take a stroll down those leafy walks… We desperately need more parks in Kingston. One can never have enough of them in a city. I love the idea of the islands being reforested. Brilliant!

    • I’ve been so excited watching the new parks and gardens emerging from the swamps, even more to see how people have embraced them and flock to these new open spaces. Hopefully the animals and birds will think the same!

  2. Thanks for the tour of Kotte. You know I love those river views. I am waiting to borrow R’s swanky phone to post my own, but it seems like R and his phone cannot be separated long enough 🙂 Hope the girls move wasn’t too difficult Meredith. When do you plan on leaving? Wouldn’t it be wonderful if I could hop over to see you before you leave? 🙂

    • I’m not sure whether or not I want to forget the image that’s stuck in my brain of Little Miss looking around Mr P’s gate at me, not crying, but very worried! But it went better than I had expected, mostly because once there he was in his environment and the girls being there seemed so natural to him!

      Wouldn’t it be fantastic if you were to pop over before I leave, Madhu! I have to be out of the house by the end of April and though I haven’t booked a ticket yet, I’m hoping to have tied up the last money things and be ready to leave within a couple of weeks. I’ll be anxious to leave by then, I think.

  3. Beautiful photography and an exciting venture into an unknown area for me. The greenery is staggering. Is the new Parliament building to be built on the lake or by the lake? I wonder how much work will get done with all those distracting views.
    Thanks for sharing.

  4. I don’t think our neighborhoods could be more different. You do live in a wonderful, lush part of the world. Once the wildlife notices and re-inhabits the moated islands and area, that will be a fantastic lace to visit. Thanks for taking us along on the tour. I don’t know how you settled on these beautiful photos. I imagine you had dozens more, at least.

    • It was great to see that they’d already taken hold in a couple of the newly dredged areas. It’s going to be wonderful in a few years if they can maintain it properly.

      By the way, the aerial is a cheat – it’s a screen shot of my portion of a Google map of the area just so i could show the “v” of the new watery parks!

  5. I’m glad the Girls weren’t too upset, & I hope they & Mr P develop form & lasting friendships. Loved your photos. Wishing you strength & courage for the first few days of getting reading to leave your island peradise

  6. This is my favourite challenge ever. I love having a sticky beak into the neighbourhoods of the photo challenge taking WordPress community 🙂 I would love a browse through the fruit shop opposite your lane.

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  8. Meredith, these photos made me quite sentimental thinking about what you are about to leave behind. You must have a big lump in your throat as you try to store all these beautiful places in your photos, your memory and your heart. I will always be grateful to you for sharing your wonderful Sri Lanka.

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  11. Thank you for bringing us along for the ride. It was really interesting to get this view of your home and life–so different and so similar to ours. I didn’t think of it until I read this post, but you and I are both getting adjusted to an empty nest. Wishing you as calm and easy a transition as possible.

    • The quiet is appalling still, Naomi – but it will help when I’ve moved out of the house and begun my new adventures – you, on the other hand won’t have a new country to explore, except on holidays … Best wishes to you both on your transition. 🙂

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