Lost in the Monkey Puzzle Tree

I’m waiting for Mr. P. to come to pick us up and take us to The Girls’ new home.  They’re a little suspicious of all the bags – “is she off, again?” – and I’m so jittery the only way to avoid transmitting my dread to them is to do something – the perfect time to get lost in the monkey puzzle tree.

So, a bit late for last weekend’s Lost in the Details challenge, here are a few of the detail shots I took at Samadhi after my retreat.

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18 thoughts on “Lost in the Monkey Puzzle Tree

  1. Oh dread day – lovely photos, but I feel for your Meredith. I hope all is OK & the girls are settled without too much trauma. & I hope there is not too muc trauma for you as well. Hugs from me xx

  2. wishing happiness to all of you … but it will take a little time to adjust all those loving connections … the details are lovely, so natural, even the temple horse who speaks of grandeur and glory amidst the peace of fish and flowers 🙂

  3. I hope the move went as well as it could. It’s a big transition to make. I love the photo of the key in the sunshine. What interesting doors such a beautifully shaped thing must open, so much work has gone into the making of it.

  4. Lovely selection of ‘details’ Meredith. Isn’t the monkey puzzle supposed to have spiky, scaly leaves? Hope the girls and you are coping OK. Take care.

  5. Perfect. Something to distract on what will be a difficult day. Even so, you’ve done the right thing and all will be better for it. Sending you good thoughts and well wishes.

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