A Hillside in Paradise

To set the scene –  an extended weekend retreat in the Knuckles.

4.30 am - Packed and Ready to Go

It’s 4.30 am. I’m packed and ready to go –  The Girls  keep watch for the van while I speed-sip a cup of tea.  (I’m so glad I packed the umbrella!)

Now, close your eyes  …   We turn left off the main road and almost immediately decelerate into first gear as the van labours up the steep twisting blacktop onto the Knuckles Mastiff and the vivid green plateau that obliterates any memory of the tiny village there.  The silence grows as we plunge down through the forest, toward the stream flashing and roaring in the rock-strewn valley below.  On our left, the hillside rises almost sheer before we pull up at an ambalama in a little clearing beside a bridge.  We’ve arrived.    (Click any image to activate the gallery.)

I’ll post some of the gorgeous details and closeups soon!  For today I wanted to show you this hillside – a place where the hand of ‘man’ is barely discernible, where garden morphs into forest and frames distant vistas.

39 thoughts on “A Hillside in Paradise

  1. Gorgeous photos M! Two things, 1: I love your orange bag/purse (how pedestrian, no?) and 2, If I ever get another pet, I’m naming it Ambalama.

  2. So real, beautiful and verdant. I was wishing for a time machine this morning, to instantlyly take the G.O. & I somewhere… now I know where somewhere is 🙂

  3. Such a beautiful landscape, everything so lush and green. Some of your photos gave me a chuckle, just as going to tropical areas always have. Looking about and seeing all of the beautiful plants growing wild reminds me of all the plants — their relatives — that I’ve brought home over the years, only to watch them eventually wither. I quit the practice a number of years ago. I can’t explain it but now when I enter a plant nursery, I sense the plants are happy to see me. 🙂

  4. I just had to google the Knuckles as I’d never heard of it! Sounds magnificent and I look forward to seeing more photos. What an amazing range of climate and diverse flora and fauna 🙂

  5. The photo of the sunset is so beautiful and atmospheric. The shades of red are not something I’ve seen except in warm places, and it makes me long for a summer eveving on a hillside with a long cold drink with lots of condensation on the outside of the glass in my hand!

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