To Be Of This Perfection

I’m just back from my weekend retreat at Samadhi, up in the Knuckles near Digana.  It was hard to tear myself away.

Many of you may know that my favourite places in Sri Lanka are in the Knuckles Ranges, otherwise known by their Sinhala name Dumbara, the Misty Mountains.  For the three days of our retreat the views were sublime – trees, forests, mountains, puffy clouds and periwinkle blue skies, sweet pinky mauve sunsets.  The silence – remote silence, our silence – enlivened by the sound of water rushing over rocks, the rustling passage of the breeze through trees and bamboos, frogs and crickets singing to each other in the dark.

I stayed on – I couldn’t imagine going from silence back to the city in the matter of hours.  The rain began at 3.19am – gentle, steady – obscuring views, creating others.

Truly the Misty MountainsAll the while my computer, which had crashed after the good news of The Girls’ “New Home” (Yin and Yang, right?) was at the Apple repair shop.  I wasn’t really worried but by yesterday I was bursting to pick it up, because although I’d prepared myself for massive failures (due to poor light – the retreat didn’t break up till just before sunset) I’d set about taking photographs that night, and from the sanctuary of my umbrella the following morning.

It was a blissful interlude before the move starts and I’m avid to share some of the hundreds of shots I took of this singular place, but for now I’m too full of this perfection – captivating in every way.

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38 thoughts on “To Be Of This Perfection

    • Aren’t I just? It was magic! I’m sorting through the photos (600 odd) now and will try to put together a couple of coherent galleries because yes, it is everything I adore about Sri Lanka.

  1. Another bittersweet moment? The last chance you will have to visit such an ethereal place. But, on the flip side, there are some beautiful places in Aus out the back of Queensland, so maybe we can look forward to similar shots from there of the Tablelands, or wherever.

    • Strangely, it wasn’t bitter-sweet, rough seas – more like a benediction, a gift from the universe!

      Yes, I know, there are some beautiful places close to me on the Sunshine Coast. I’m beginning to look forward to the prospect of exploring them, and amazing us all with the ‘coast’s stunning contrasts.

    • I was so lucky I stayed that extra night/day because the mist is typical of the Knuckles – the three brilliant days prior were just too sunny and picture postcard to provide true Knuckles vistas!

    • I thought of you quite a lot while I was there, remembering how you like ‘unkept’ gardens that could be forest glades … nary a mown lawn to be seen – the only maintenance being swept pathways and pruned overhanging branches for safety. Working on the gallery – still unmanageable at over 50 shots!

      • Oh yes 🙂 I admire neat gardens but I love ‘unkept’ gardens that are allowed to form and express their own personalities rather than that of the gardener 🙂

        • I hope I can give you an idea of how it was – a garden that isn’t a garden, or ‘artful planting’. i was deeply impressed, in fact, by the whole place. I’m usually pretty picky, finding fault with too many things (some would say), especially when people try too hard and overdo it … There wasn’t a false note, that I was aware of here 🙂

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  4. Dear Meredith lovely photos of a very tranquil place. Sorry, Sherrine and I can’t stick to our plan of the weekend away.

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