The Girls Have A New Home!

A great big thank you to the universe, a great big thank you to everyone who called this morning, and a great big thank you to you, because the love and support you all sent in our direction last night has borne fruit!

The Girls have a new home!  Not only that, they are to remain together, and will have a new purpose in life because Mr. P. needs their companionship.


They will remain with me this coming week and we’ll all go over to his house when I return from a three-day retreat next weekend.

I’m in tears with gratitude – and relief.   I’m determined not to be sad but to make our farewell week a time of joy and a million photographs.

59 thoughts on “The Girls Have A New Home!

    • Yes, I think it’s a very good match. Even though the woman just up the street, with her male beagle and huge garden was so insistent about her ‘credentials’, I really think they’ll be better off with Mr. P, who needs them.

  1. What a wonderful gift for Mr P. He’s a very lucky man. I’m so pleased you are able to leave Sri Lanka with your mind free of this concern, and say a happy-sad farewell to The Girls 🙂

    • It’s like a benediction – I’m sure there’ll be tears when the time comes, but I’m so glad about this positive outcome that I’m sure my relief will make it a mostly happy farewell.

      Thanks, EllaDee – it’s so reassuring to know others understand one’s predicament – especially when it’s been the stone around my neck for such a long time.

    • Thank you Viv – you’re right, the worry has been dragging me down for several months! What I need to do next week is begin the big cull of all the other things that drag me down or encumber me – I want to go forward without all that ‘stuff’. 🙂

  2. What a relief, not just for you, but for all of us who have learned to love your girls. Very bittersweet though for you, but your main feeling has to be a good one that they are staying together and with someone who needs them. So pleased for you all.

  3. What wonderful news Meredith! Had I been based out of Sri Lanka I would surely have adopted the girls myself… so glad to know that they will be transferred to another loving home. 🙂

    • I’ve been absolutely bowled over by the offers of help – sure, most of the callers just wanted a free dog, but dozens of people called because they couldn’t bear the thought of the dogs being homeless. Isn’t it great!

    • Maggie says she’s not sure yet what I’m talking about and Little Miss keeps saying “stop being so lovey dovey”, but on their behalf, i thank you, because it is the best of good news and just wonderful that they will be useful and can make another person’s life more joyous.

    • I’m sure I’ll be ‘gutted’ when the time comes, but for now I’m filled with such joy for them (and relief for me) that it’s hard to imagine there’ll be tears – so I won’t think about that just yet! For now I’ve got five days to love them to pieces without the worry, and that’s just fabulous, because that worry has been hanging like a big black cloud over our lives these last few months.

      I’m also looking forward to being able to look forward to the move full stop. 🙂

    • Thank you, Naomi. The relief is extraordinary, I must say, added to which is something strange really – I’m so happy for them, and excited for them to be having this new family to love and be a part of.

  4. Meredith, I am so happy for you and how wonderful the girls get to stay together. Moving is never easy but at least you are now able to approach it with a lighter load. Best wishes to you all, and to Mr P!

  5. I am so pleased that your beloved girls get to stay together, what a relief for you! I’m sure the rest of your move will be met with a much better frame of mind now 😀

  6. Parting from the girls will be awful but you’ll manage by knowing what a good home you’ve found for them and how well they’ll be looked after. Then it’s time to pack the bags and start the wandering again. xx Hugs

    • You’re right, David – in fact I already feel as though the worst is over, certainly I feel different about going, and knowing they’ll bring joy to a lonely person’s life is a real bonus.

      My very best wishes for more rides for Ju – as much joy as you can all muster at this awful time.

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