Back in Venice

With the weight of uncertainty about The Girls lifted from my shoulders, I couldn’t resist a quick trip to Venice!   Seriously though, since I’m tied to the phone because of the unceasing responses to my ad (106 calls when I gave up counting!), I’m indulging myself with a second post to Ailsa’s “Bridges” Travel Theme.  My dilemma is how to keep the gallery to a manageable size so as not to bore you!

52 thoughts on “Back in Venice

  1. Love these photos. I have some of Venice but sadly can’t find them on my new pc – hope they are not lost forever! Venice is a beautiful city and the light is just so perfect. Great shots

  2. Oh the 3 bridges and the 2 bridges please, Meredith! Exquisite.
    My daughter took 272 of which I pinched just half a dozen for my 6WS this week (naughty). Sharing Venice is as good a way as I know to pass the time.

    • 272 bridge photos? Brava her!

      I agree, if you can’t be there, the next best thing to do is share someone else’s photos, especially if you’re like us and wander the back lanes and byways till we drop, or our tootsies fall off – our memories will be so full of familiar images we can turn into our own. 🙂

  3. Now, I thought you were actually going to fly off to Venice when I read the intro to this! What a colourful evocative selection of photos. I suppose the only other cities that would come anywhere near would be Bruges and Amsterdam. Well, that I can think of off the top of my head.

    • Amsterdam, certainly, if only because of its size, but Bruges? It’s smaller than Venice, and I don’t remember there being so many bridges. In truth, I don’t remember too much about Bruges except tramping back and forth to the railway station looking for my mother with whom I was supposed to rendezvous. (Turns out she missed my letter, and was snug in her bed in Notting Hill!).

      • I can imagine that would have taken the edge off your Bruges trip. It gave me a laugh though this morning. It does have some canals though, so there must be bridges, but I don’t remember it too clearly either. Not my mother’s fault, merely that of my memory. There are plenty of small towns in The Neths as well with lots of bridges.

  4. I too was almost fooled into thinking you did a last-minute trip! A truly appropriate subject for the theme – I wonder just how many bridges Venice has, and if anyone has ever tried to count.

    • I wonder? I wouldn’t be surprised to learn there’s some boffin out there who’s counted them – which wouldn’t be too hard these days, with a google map … Oh dear, lets hope not – where’s the mystery and romance in that?

    • I did do quite a lot of leaning out over the water, Amy! Luckily I took my walking frame with me for when I got tired or had to negotiate uneven terrain and in the end, it came in very handy for those leaning out shots!

    • Aren’t there just?

      Yes, phone rang itself out of charge but not before the number of calls went beyond it’s capacity to hold the numbers in memory … Lets hope my next ads (car, furniture, etc.) are just as successful!

  5. Such a beautiful city. No matter which way the lens is pointed, there’s a photo waiting to be shot. I haven’t any of the skills you possess with a camera but even I manage to come home with a few great pics after a visit there. Even so, none would would “fit” in this collection of yours. Really well done!

    • Now, that’s enough of that, John – from the photographs you post, I know you take interesting and highly visual shots, so I’m sure your Venetian photographs are wonderful. I must say I enjoy ‘curating’ series, though, now I can trawl through the plethora of shots we take with our new digital cameras.

  6. just came back from Venice, how can you not do a post about bridges in Venice?… we will post ours in the week. Great inspiration from Ailsa this week!

    • Bear with me dear, in a couple of months it’ll be all Australia, and rivers and things – in any case, i’ve tortured you so much this last year I reckon the Venice archive must be just about empty! 🙂

    • What a sweetheart you are! I must say, when I’m distracted and thinking of a million other things (some of which I don’t want to think about) it’s just wonderful to be able to take a virtual trip and wander the back canals of Venice, for instance, and post photographs rather than pulling my thoughts together to write something coherent.

  7. Fairytale bridges! What is it about bridges that so enchant us? The possibilities on the other side? Of being in the middle and neither there nor there…

    • I’m never sure, either, EllaDee. I used to dream of rivers and rafts and bridges so I’m sure Freud and Co. are right, and they’re deeply rooted in our psyches! As to Venetian bridges, well, romance, and mystery – and the thrill of being able to keep going, ever further into the labyrinth, I think 🙂

    • Well, for a moment there I toyed with the idea of only posting ‘other’ bridges, but then it became impossible … Isn’t it that last shot fantastic – and I love how the arch of the bridge is marked by the gondolas scraping around the bend … 🙂

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