Around the Bend, Under the Bridge

Since I’m having a virtual Venice visit (and I’m still heady with relief about The Girls 🙂 ) I thought I’d post a sequence I took, watching a gondolier manoeuvre his shiny black craft around a bend, and under a bridge …

Sorry to be excessive – post three inspired by Ailsa’s Travel Theme this week 🙂

38 thoughts on “Around the Bend, Under the Bridge

  1. Lovely photos, and they remind me of my one experience of taking a trip in a gondola – once we were away from the hustle bustle of the main canals and the places where pedestrians congregate, and were in a small canal, how very quiet it was, with only the sound of the water lapping against the walls of the buildings.

    • Yes! It was a surprisingly thrilling experience, the way we slid further back in time the further into the labyrinth we progressed. (And to think I resisted the ‘romance’ of a gondola ride for decades before this last trip. If I ever get to go again (oh, please!) I’ll be taking many a ride, and to hell with the cost!

    • Not always without a little touching, as the last shot in the Back in Venice series shows! There’s another bridge, where just the brushing of the gondolier’s hat/head on the upper part of the arch has worn a rut, over the centuries!

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