A River Needs a Bridge

Sleek modern bridges – the ones that seem to fly across space, held in equipoise by the finest of steel cables, the slimmest concrete footings – these are structures of great beauty and thrilling modern technology.

Old bridges, on the other hand, exploited cutting-edge technology of their day, and it  seems I’ve been photographing them since I first came across the Pont du Gard, marching in true Roman majesty across the Gardon River in the Languedoc. (Interestingly, Languedoc is the site of one of the most stunning of the new breed of bridge, the Millau, on Highway 75 – I hope one day I’ll drive across this highway in the sky.)

It’s old bridges I really love – they draw me in, avid to imagine and learn their stories, and the history behind their construction.  Here are a couple:

Weekly Travel Theme – Bridges.

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  2. Really outstanding photos, Meredith! I don’t know why but I just discovered that all your posts (and those of many of my other blogging friends) have been going into my junk mail. I don’t know why–I didn’t change any of my settings, but I will have a lot of catching up to do!

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