Unforgettable Sri Lanka

As I have, today, placed an advertisement in Sunday’s mass-circulation Hit Ads seeking a new home for The Girls, the countdown to my departure from Paradise is about to begin.

Those of you who’ve been aware of my reluctant, and sorrowful, acceptance of my decision to return to Australia will – I hope – be glad to know that in the last week or so I’ve noticed feelings of anticipation rather than dread.  I feel certain that once The Girls are settled, I’ll be ready to leave with a glad heart.  What a journey I’ve had, these 20 years.  What unforgettable memories.

In honour of these precious memories (the fodder for the book, if I can manage it!) I thought  Jake’s “Unforgettable” challenge might be the appropriate platform to unveil my memento  of my life in Paradise – “The Watchman’s Bell”, a painting of Lord Ganesha by Mahen Chanmugam.

My farewell Sri Lanka gift to myself

Sporting a beautiful new frame, s/he’s wrapped and ready to go with me into my new life – a reminder, should I ever need one, of a period of great change and personal growth for which I am grateful to the core of my being.

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  1. I hope the girls make a successful transition to a new, loving home. With your newly found acceptance of the move, it sounds like you are ready for…a new chapter. The painting is beautiful.

  2. I just hope the girls find a home together. & that is a beautiful painting. Praying all goes smoothly & with as little heartbreak as possible. I would be shedding tears left, right & bloody centre! You sound remarkably calm & accepting. I guess Ganesha is looking after you (O’m smiling – I have a little wooden Ganesha in front of me always as I tap away at the keyboard)

    • At first I was adamant (in my mind) that they go together but gradually I’ve thought that their level of jealousy is so high they’ll be fine apart. That is, as long as I can find them loving and demonstrative humans willing to spend the time to take them for walks and other playful pursuits!

      • That’s terrible 😦

        The UK laws used to be bad, but at least they have got rid of quarantine. It is outdated and barbaric. I still remember being sprayed on Quantas ‘planes in case we were all importing naughty germs. Dear me.

        Best wishes for a new local home for them.

  3. So glad to hear your thoughts and frame of mind have moved into the anticipation stage. Always look forward. The painting is beautiful and should give you a feeling of warmth each time you look at it in your new home.

  4. an exquisite painting, a perfect memento of paradise … there will be the book of course, once you are back here and have time to put your fabulous images in order … and the Misses Kotte will be happily settled with new adoring carers, wishing a smooth transition in the next months … xxx

  5. You’re on the verge of closing one great chapter of your life and starting another. It’s natural to feel a number of emotions, dread & anticipation being 2, for sure. I agree, though, that finding your girls a good home is paramount and you’ll feel so much better when that question is settled. I agree with the previous commenter, may your transition these next few months be a smooth one.

  6. The girls will always love you and will remember you well when you see them again. Best of luck in your move to Australia. I know that much of a move takes so much effort. I know you will have a wonderful time. If you can, go find Leanne Cole!

    • Funny you should say that, because I had thought it would be nice to pop across to India for a little goodbye trip, but that’s silly! I’ll do a goodbye Sri Lanka trip, and in a while (when I’ve saved some money) I can go back to India for a real holiday. Goa will be on the itinerary, you can be sure so who knows, one day we might meet!

  7. Girls will be settled and loved. That is a long time, but you will carrying wonderful memories with you. Moving can never be easy, hope it will go smoothly for you.

  8. I had a catch in my heart as I read you are leaving. I haven’t been following and reading blogs much over the last while with hubby overseas, work and other things taking my time. Nevertheless as I read it I felt the anxious feeling as I had just made a decision after many months of sleepless nights to stay 1 more year in China. Many things may now be my last… I feel the sadness still and hope as the next year goes by I too will start to look forward to the move home. Thanks for sharing and best wishes to you.

  9. You already have a gift for your new home, as is proper , and an extraordinary gift at that 🙂 It’s always better to approach challenges/changes with anticipation rather than regret, so much easier on the spirit, but just enough regret honours what you leave behind.

  10. Keep up those feelings of anticipation! How many stories are you going to be able to tell in Melbourne! People will flock to you …! Best of luck and let us know how this transition pans out for you. Wanderlust is about inner travel as well as without …

  11. I’m sure the girls will soon be settled into their new home(s) and you will find even more peace in your heart for the move back to Australia.

    How much longer before you finally leave Sri Lanka?

  12. Meredith,
    I’m smiling because I would have done the same thing. I would have bought myself a gift that would always be with me that could always transport me back to that special place. Your painting is beautiful and I especially love how it shows the eyes in the top banner. I got lost in those eye for a bit.
    Moving on is difficult but I’m glad you are more comfortable with it now. You were right to postpone it until you were.
    I will always be grateful to you for sharing Sri Lanka with me. Now, I expect to learn a lot about your Australia. 😉

  13. What a precious memento! The colour is gorgeous enough, but those eyes! How does one achieve such translucency! Shall have to check out Mahen Chanmugam (Did you know, Chanmugham or Shanmugham is the brother of Ganesha? :-))
    Adding my best wishes for a speedy and satisfactory end to your search for homes for the girls.

  14. Dear M!
    To leave a place after so many years…I think you are really, really brave…I know that one adventure finishes and another one will start…Life is moving forward and not backward, isn´t it?
    But, still…If you find yourself at night looking at the moon and asking yourself why on the earth did you accept it…Well…Do not blame yourself!
    You can always write a few lines on your blog…We will be here to support you up to the end, right towards the beginning…

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