Perfumed Nights

That fiery Northerly wind has disappeared.  Now, you wouldn’t know there was such a thing as breeze, these balmy tropical nights – except for the occasional rustle of mango leaves, of gently swaying coconut fronds, a sudden gavotte from the bamboo poles.

In the afternoon the clouds congregate – thin and wispy, they bring the temperature down.  They’re teasers though.  Last night not more than a dozen tentative patters on the roof – barely audible until I held my breath.

With the heavens lidded, scents move sideways.  There are a few early blossoms on the Sepalika* tree outside my room – little orange canisters releasing their unmistakable, sweet fragrance into the cool of midnight.  Frangipani and jasmine arrive from the front, pale and ghostly, like the moon’s faint glow.

Perfumed Night 2

Before dawn a fiery moon subsides into black shadow.

*  ‘Queen of the Night’, ‘Coral Jasmine’, ‘Harsimgar’, Parijath’, or correctly, Nyctanthes arbour tristis.

36 thoughts on “Perfumed Nights

  1. still wishing you rain, but the perfume sounds lovely, perfumes stay in the memory, so evocative … i remember honeysuckle from the chapel entry at boarding school 🙂

  2. Beautiful. Night scents resonate with me also. I love the night jasmine, frangipani & gardenia, and moonlit flowers. Scent is a good recall, the same elsewhere will evoke these memories.

  3. Oh yes the parijath flowers with its heavenly perfume. In Indian mythology, Lord Indra and Lord Krishna are said to have warred over this tree.
    Beautifully described!

    • I’m being a bit lazy about the writing these days Jo (I’ve got important things I’ve got to think about!), so it’s nice to put together a little capsule from time to time. Thank you for your support 🙂

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