Deep in the Moment

When I read Jake’s challenge for this week one photograph flashed up on my mind – a woman so deep in the moment she’s acting out her thoughts as though she’s been hypnotised.

While I was looking for her I found others, many others – but I’ve whittled the gallery down, so relax …   🙂

I’m back over to Jake’s Sunday Post Focussed Attention to check out other entries.

If you enjoyed the elephant’s ecstasy ahem, the mahout’s fixed attention, and haven’t seen others in the series I took in Palace Square during the Perahera, you can find them here.

24 thoughts on “Deep in the Moment

    • Well, Ma monkey has nabbed the most enormous manioca root and is having a series of carbohydrate induced moments, I’d guess! The other fellow – I never found out what he was focussed on, but his stance was too cute to ignore!

      Hope the sun’s out Marie 🙂

  1. These are wonderful photos… outstanding… I just love the mahout paying such close loving attention to his elephants trunk… one can imagine the enjoyment the elephant is getting…

    • Ha ha 🙂

      Goodness knows how, though, JM – when I watch them I’m reminded of all our super heroes rolled into one – their flights through the air are breathtaking, their speed and agility just amazing. Certainly I can’t imagina a monkey being able to end it all by jumping off the roof! 🙂

  2. Jeez, you take some excellent shots! Every collection you post, there will be at least one that I will continue to think about long after I’ve left here. Today’s will be the mahout. What trust between man and elephant! Remarkable! Thanks for sharing them all.

    • Ah, John you’re a wonderful chap, saying such nice things! I’m delighted you fell under the spell of the mahout’s ministrations – those two were like two halves of a whole.

      While there was never a nano-second when I felt the man questioned the docility of his charge, you’re right, trust was implicit in every movement he made. He spoke to the beast rarely, but when he did it was quietly and clearly – and the animal would uncross its front feet, to have the toenails of the other foot attended to …

      I spent about 40 minutes with them, forgetting to breathe, torn between watching and taking photos, and then remembering there were two other elephants in the square that day, and a street full of offering stands – it was one of those ‘moments’.

  3. Ah – I wonder if it’s because we feel we’ve come to know them a little? Have only had the occasional fleeting visit – nobody’s sat in a tree nearby for months – I’m feeling very lonely 😦

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