Thanks to the Weather Witches

The wind’s still blowing pretty strongly from the North, still pretty dry (and full of allergens) but the clouds are gathering.

What passed for sunset last night

What passed for sunset last night

I’m just a little concerned.  Perhaps all your differing geographic locations is affecting the witchcraft?   While the Met Department has issued warnings for ‘atmospheric disturbances’ manifesting themselves as showers, thunder showers, or localised strong winds (their usual euphemisms for downpours, torrential rain accompanied by dangerous lightning, and hurricane-force winds) in the Eastern, Central, Uva and North Central provinces,  Colombo seems to be off the weather radar.

Sri Lanka is a small island and perhaps some witches have just pointed to the skies and declared a generic  7° N / 81º E?

Without wishing to bring on dangerous anything to my fellow Colomboites, I thought I’d call up the spirit behind my own yakun vesmuna (“devil mask” – isn’t he sweet, assembled from found objects!) to let all weather witches out there know exactly where we are:  6° 55′ 54″ N / 79° 50′ 52″ E.  On second thoughts, 6° – 7º N / 79° – 80º E will do better, really – spreading the joy around a far greater area!

DSCN2125 - Version 2. . .

I’ve so enjoyed your responses to my challenge to guess what’s up that ladder to the final floor of the house in Pettah.

What's up the ladder

I’m in love with Our Adventures in Croatia’s  suggestion of pink flamingo sculptures, and Bulldog’s “stairway to heaven” is most appropriate, given the house is opposite the old Dutch Reformed Church.  Christine’s ‘pigeon loft’ is quite a good guess, really, as pigeon racing used to be a highly regarded art among many in the older communities of the city, and the naughtiness implicit in bronxboy’s platform for nude sunbathing cum stargazing idea (the latter shared by my Basque friend Ilargia) sent the imagination soaring.  But really, Lady Marilyn Kay Dennis was right when she declared ‘the possibilities are endless’.

Nonetheless, I’m going with Sylvia and Our Adventures in Croatia about it being an outdoor  bathing place.  I reckon it’s some type of simple lounging pool – men only would be my guess.  I promise I’ll go back before I leave and ask them – maybe they’ll give me a tour?

33 thoughts on “Thanks to the Weather Witches

    • Bulldog, the minute I read your reply – days ago now – I knew in my gut your words were going to be prophetic, but I kept hoping. It’s interesting, if I was in Australia, I could still read the weather like my mother’s face, but even after all these years, I’m never quite sure about the signs here. Now, I wonder if that’s a good definition of ‘home’ – being able to read the weather?

      • You know you make one very good point that has had me thinking… where I sit now I can almost without much thought know what is around the corner.. why ? because with time one gets it almost as a feeling.. as you say “Home”.. there is one thing I will never forget.. when my house went under water because of a major flood, the same flood affected the Game Park near us.. talking to a Ranger from the park after the event.. he said most of the Hippo left the river days before the flood and where walking around during the day, which normally is their nocturnal habit… they tested the waters for poison etc and could find no reason for this unusual behavior.. three or four days later we had a cloud burst on the mountains 450mm of rain in a few hours… floods everywhere.. if the hippo had of been in the water they would have died… they weren’t.. is that not a natural feeling of home and what to expect…?? .. Fascinating don’t you think.??

        • Oh, I do, but I’m not surprised! The animals in Yala Park on the South coast of Sri Lanka all began walking inland toward high ground hours before the dual waves of the Tsunami swept ashore, obliterating all the park accommodation and administration buildings, killing dozens of humans – there was very little change in the animal population. I think we humans were probably as attuned to our environment and nature as the other animals, not so long ago.

          • I think our life style has blotted out the feeling that we get, but ignore, as maybe indigestion, if we followed the messages we get from within we might just be better off……

    • I’m sorry Gilly – I should have elaborated a little! I saw the house while I was at the old Dutch Reformed church and after my eyes had become accustomed to the blaze of all its colourful tiles, the first thing I noticed was that ladder to the top – and I just had to shoot it, wondering what on earth the ladder led to … Whether I get there to ask will depend on how much time I end up with after I’ve packed up the house, before I fly back home. 🙂

  1. yes, preserve the mystery, we can each let our imaginations run riot 🙂 still wishing you rain, which apparently is falling widely in the north over here ! nothing here yet and the drinking water delivery truck is busy on the rural roads …

    • Funny – the Oz Network had Jack Thompson reciting poetry from Basin Street or somewhere on Sunday night – among which was ‘We’ll all be rooned” – such an acute piece of observation about our land. I’ve been watching the floods in Queensland (and heading South, it seems) and aghast that some fires persist in Victoria … Glad the water people at least, are happy!

  2. I should say “preserve the mystery” but…On the other hand….Poor mystery!!! If nobody tries to resolve it, its main role in life would be despised, and it would be soon forgotten, like an umbrella in a place without rain or without sun…
    So….Go! Go!!! And, if you do not like what it is, now, at least, you can tell the owner you have many good ideas to make a living out of it! 🙂

  3. well, it’s raining in argentina, it’s raining here in ecuador, like nonstop for two weeks!, and it’s raining in australia and in the usa. north mississippi has rain with a low of 30 — that usually spells ice!… seems like it’s raining all over the world!

    thanks for the gps setting! we got a break in the rain and i’m about to put on my mud boots and slosh to town!


  4. Except here! No cloud in the horizon for the next ten days at least, and I am not complaining!.
    And oh yes, one more vote for preserving the mystery 😀

  5. Well the witches around here have dumped us into the deep freeze … -20C+ and wind chills into the -30C … enough is enough. This weather is really good-for-nothing … except cocooning.

  6. You’re looking to the heavens for rain and we just had our first snow of an inch in over 330 days. Don’t get too excited. Rain is coming on Sunday.
    I say throw back the curtains and expose that rooftop for what it is. Let the towels fall where they may! 🙂

    • It’s been so cold John I’m surprised you’re only now getting your first snow. Just last night on the Australia Network they showed us images of firefighters battling a Chicago fire and the water was freezing as it hit the building. Weird, ungodly images of an ice-encrusted shell of a building with sullen red flashes of fire within.

      Yeah, about finding out what’s up there – I’m throwing it up to the ‘gods’ – whether I’ll find the people at home, whether they’ll talk to me … lets see what happens 🙂

      • That building caught fire a second time this morning. Apparently there were embers deep within the ruins that the fire dept just couldn’t reach because of the ice, no matter how much water they poured on it. It burst into flames this morning and they again put it out. Now they are demolishing the building, once and for all. Thank heavens no firemen were hurt.

        • I’m not surprised they couldn’t put it out – and as you say thank goodness no firemen were hurt. Fire’s such a frightening thing – in cities, or far out in the countryside. With the heatwave they’ve been having in Australia there have been dozens of fires and already this year two townships have been burned down. Awesome power – one fire was only halted by the sea, while another leapt across a cove and continued up the other side.

          • How tragic! So many lives affected in the worst way. I hope the weather changes quick for those areas, bringing them relief before more homes an communities are destroyed.

            • Thank goodness a cold southerly change arrived yesterday evening and I saw that today the temperatures have dropped considerably, and of course the wind is driving those fires back over burnt out ground, so they should die down quickly now.

              Hurricanes in the north, and flooding …

              In Australia, the weather sometimes seems to be a ‘thing’, rather than an element!

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