Wishing For Rain

There’s a terrible wind out of the North.  It’s been blowing for several days – withering the garden, sucking the moisture out of the air.  It feels more like central Australia than Paradise, and I’m wishing for rain.

Sue Llewellyn’s Word a Week challenge this week is Weather and I couldn’t think of anything more wonderful to contemplate right now than the darkening skies over the twin dagobas at Mihintale and the prospect of rain.

Wishing for Rain

Maybe posting about it will bring it on?  In the meantime, it’s out into the garden – the sun’s off the western end – I’ll start there with the hose!

. . . 

Shameless Plug!   I’ve entered a Venice shot in Rodposse’s challenge this week – after a couple of weeks of sitting them out, I seem to be hooked on photography challenges this week.  I need your vote –  if you would – it’d be too awful to have made the plunge and nobody ‘liked’ my entry!   Here’s the link.

22 thoughts on “Wishing For Rain

    • Thanks gorgeous – yes like’s the same as voting!

      I know we’re all complaining about the weather – you guys the cold. terrrible heat waves in Australia, and fires, dozens of terrible fires … Thanks for sending me over to your poem – you know how much I like your everyday poems, and I got to catch up with Ceci’s frigid day on the farm too.

    • Many thanks Debra! I know it’s a bit silly of me, but the challenges are a terrific way to delve into the blogosphere, and sometimes – like now – it’s easier to post a photo with a little vignette – than it is to concentrate on a major photo-essay. 🙂

      • Ah, so it comes from India! I’m so uneducated when it comes o weather patterns in other areas of the world. We’re not getting torrential rains (yet) but it’s been very wet and muddy. i hope that your gardens make it through the toughest part and reward you later with an amazing abundance of beauty!

  1. It is wonderfully pleasant here, no need for AC’s most days. But rain would be welcome, or water shortage is going to be a real issue.
    I ‘liked’ the photo too. Loved it in fact 😀

  2. We’re experiencing the coldest weather of the past 2 years and in Chicago, that’s pretty cold! I would love to feel a warm, even hot, breeze right about now. All in due time …
    I’m off to vote. 🙂

  3. i liked too, and was surprised to see the one before yours was by ad(sylvia) … when i was here last i meant to comment but rushed off to like your other photo … hope those skies soon open to drench you .. the monsoon has arrived in Darwin this week so relief for us 🙂

  4. I love the reflections you have caught in the canals in your challenge photo, beautiful. The monsoons have arrived in Australia and it is heading south, we should have rain by the weekend, I can then put the hose away for a few days

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