Whaddya Reckon It Is Up There?

As I said a couple of days ago, Ailsa’s ‘Up” theme this week put me in a bit of a pickle – with hundreds of ‘up’ shots to choose from in Colombo alone.  After going through them again and again, I decided to put together a gallery of ‘what’s up there?’ shots I took on Christmas Day.

I was thrilled to see the Dutch Hospital isn’t the only old building in the city that’s being given a facelift – in fact it seemed renovations were going on almost everywhere I turned in a couple of streets.

Sadly, after thirty years of neglect, many of the old buildings are in pretty poor shape and though I took photographs of many of them, I’ll leave their story for another day.  What I did enjoy though, was looking up – as I said, it’s always a treat here in Sri Lanka, no more so than when you don’t have to worry about being bowled over by rushing traffic!

This little gallery isn’t always ‘picturesque’ but I hope you’ll find it interesting.  And don’t forget, I want to know what you think it is up that ladder (on the last shot)!

I think I might have to create a bit of a cliffhanger with this one because I don’t want to tell you what I think just yet, and if I do a poll, I might miss something wonderful that you think, so … watch this space, as they say 🙂

25 thoughts on “Whaddya Reckon It Is Up There?

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  2. How do trees manage to grow out of the sides of buildings? I have trouble getting them to grow in the ground.

    The spot on the roof may be a place for sunbathing, or star-gazing. Or both.

  3. a beautiful roof terrace with shrubs and flamingos, and a jacuzzi bath for the owners to enjoy the night sky. That’s what I am dreaming of. But probably just lines of washing to dry…

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