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When I read Ailsa’s Travel Theme for this week I chuckled warily to myself.  Here in Paradise, though I’ve gotta watch where I put my feet (’cause the pavements aren’t what I’m used to in Oz), it’s always up you’ve gotta look!  Everything from the magnificent trees and stormy skies to the most gorgeous detail in buildings and of course, no self-respecting temple or dagoba would be built on the flat.  When I set about collecting a gallery to show you, my wariness was born out – there were over 150 shots from Colombo alone!

In the meantime – while I sort and cull,  and perhaps use this as a motivator to post a few long-overdue studies – I thought I’d put together a gallery of Swiss “Ups” – from where things are  just as often “down” – and, yes, from on high with an almost endless horizon, could just as well suit this week’s  “Beyond” challenge as well.   🙂

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Hop over to look ‘Up‘ the other entries – and Ailsa’s super captures, especially her shot of the Seattle Space Needle.

36 thoughts on “Swiss Ups

    • Glad you enjoyed them Gilly.

      I’m always amazed at how bleak and barren rocky mountain-top landscapes are when they’re not cloaked in picturesque snow. That shot of the climbers walking up the scree littered mountainside is a case in point – and did they ever need the handrail that day! The wind was so strong it blew an earring out of my ear! It was the forerunner for a huge storm that dumped a couple of feet of snow overnight.

    • I loved that scene too Isadore, but then I look at Pilatus 4, looking beyond the ridge with the cross toward the perpetual snowfields, and I just love that too! I sure do love mountains (though only to visit – that cold is fine and fun for a few hours, even a few days or a couple of weeks skiing, but beyond that, it’s agony breathing that cold air day after day!).

      • I’m in the same zone when it comes to the cold weather. A few days are fun … then … it’s back to my warm Paradise of Fla. Mountains are awesome. I am always fascinated by them. It must be the feeling of how mighty they are..
        Great post …. ~~~~ : – )

  1. Love this collection of Ups. My days of climbing are behind me — not that they were ever really before me — so I’ll have to do my climbing vicariously through these photos. You can’t hear me but I’m yodeling. (Good thing you can’t hear me.)

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