A Line of Lions and other Congregations

In a land where chaos often reigns, it’s not surprising that the simplicity of multiples has found a niche – particularly in architecture.  From the Port of Colombo, silent and still on Christmas Day, to a line of lions at the Independence Monument – the nation’s ambalama – a few multiples caught my eye.

Everywhere I turned on my Christmas Day shoot it seemed multiples were standing up to the captured – 34 in all, I counted.  You might have been whispering in my ear, Ailsa – so here’s a gallery of multiples dedicated to your first Weekly Travel Theme challenge of the year.

23 thoughts on “A Line of Lions and other Congregations

  1. A plethora of pots, line of lions, piles of tiles…..lovely alliteration to go with your creative photos. Would we be pushing it to say “a flotilla of flags?” Delightful multiples, all.

  2. Great catch and the shots illustrate your point clearly. Am partial to the torches in the banner photo and the row of lions, which are reminiscent of the Luxor’s Avenue of the Sphinxes.

  3. the repetition of form is so soothing, i guess we are a conglomeration of cells, repeated again and gain to make a body …. gorgeous photos, the cranes are brilliant!

  4. Such an beautiful collage! Love the pared down elegance of the sconces and the messy pile of tiles! Wish I had a picture of the rows and rows of roofing tiles laid out to dry on our yard, prior to being fired!! Your posts almost always stir some nostalgia 🙂

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