Fetch Your Parasol, We’re Heading Outdoors

Cee’s challenge this week is a gallery of ‘outdoors and nature’ shots from 2012.  Fetch your parasol, we’re heading outdoors – remember, the sun’s wicked, here in Paradise.

39 thoughts on “Fetch Your Parasol, We’re Heading Outdoors

    • And that’s a thing we’re almost unaware of, here in Paradise! Sometimes I’ll be surprised when I notice a tree or something change its aspect, and realise the season has changed … 🙂

        • Ahhh – know how that feels … been there, and unless there’s a miracle, it won’t be long till I’m back there again! Though I reckon the cold must make it feel worse, Hang in there … 🙂

          • You know what I just KNOW this is where I a suposed to be!! It’s what I am suposed to be doing and I plan on using my time wisely! I have had poor discipline when it comes to REALLY polishing up my music and figuring out what I want to say and how my sound well sounds… SO I absolutely MUST listen to the UNIVERSE and spend this time REALLY refining my craft! Maybe the world wants you to be refining what your doing… IT’s worth a listen.

    • Yes, way different, that’s for sure Cee 🙂 I love them too, of course – to me also they’re as exotic as anything from another world. What magic it is to live somewhere so beautiful, and so different, if only for a while.

      So glad you enjoyed a little slice of outdoors here in Paradise 🙂

  1. My parents lived in the tropics for almost 6 years and I was bemused the first time I visited to see the parasols up during the sunshine and down in the rain… when it’s 36 C people found the rain refreshing!

    • Here you’ll rarely see a woman out in the rain – her wet clothes would be too revealing! But on the other hand, if they get caught and there’s no alternative like a large leaf (which are becoming harder to find in the city these days), or a plastic bag, they seem to be unfazed by the rain, that’s true! Me, I hate the feeling of wet feet slip sliding in my sandals!

        • You’ve confirmed my suspicion that Washington is transitional location – part South, part North – ’cause at -3C (from an ex-Canadian’s point of view) the outside world should still be accessible for most things, except to sit in the sun (’cause no matter how brightly it shone down on me, I could never actually feel its warmth on my skin!) – certainly perfect for a brisk walk! I’m showing off, of course – I may have managed to enjoy moments (and these are what is retained in my memory) but nobody was more glad to skedaddle out of there and resettle in a warm location 🙂

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