An Animate Reprise

Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge this week offers us a chance to reprise some of our favourite ‘People and Animal‘ shots from this year.

For reasons that will be obvious to regular readers, Miss Maggie Kotte leads with the banner shot, so I must be even-handed and put Little Miss up next.

Every day as I blog, I look down to the side of my chair, and there she is – one half of her anyway, the other extending out the other side.  It’s reassuring;  and we both have a giggle when I extend a toe to give her tummy a bit of a rub.

My ‘nat geo’ animal shot this year has to be the introduction of the new baby – the first crystal clear shot I’ve achieved of any member of the Hanuman troupe.

My Nat Geo Animal ShotI said at the time I’d die happy if this were the best shot of them I capture – and it looks as though I’m going to have to live with that, because they haven’t been around much lately.  I’m sure it’s not because I captured the baby’s soul – well I hope not.  I keep wondering, though,  what it is they’re feasting on someplace else?  It’s so quiet without them, and mundane.

This beautiful old woman I met in Meemure is my favourite portrait of all time, friends and family included.

The pitiful spectre of this beautiful old woman working in the paddy field broke my heart.  As we left, she came over to say goodbye.

The pitiful spectre of this beautiful old woman working in the paddy field broke my heart. As we left, she came over to say goodbye.

It helps that she’s so achingly beautiful, and has that stillness that allows – compels – you to draw near and be in her company.

Here’s a little gallery of some people and animal captures I haven’t shown you from this year.

It’s not my habit to reminisce about the year gone by – perhaps I should – but it was nice to look back on some to the pictures I took, and to have the excuse to show you some which didn’t get an airing.

44 thoughts on “An Animate Reprise

  1. very pleasing selection meredith, Little Miss looks as if she is starring in a conjurer’s trick! i am glad to see your beautiful old woman again, and all those smiling sri lankan faces below 🙂

    • it always makes me laugh to see a piece of her on either side of me – like a conjurer’s trick is just right, especially placed side by side like that!

      Glad you didn’t mind seeing my Meemure Granny again, as i said she’s my favourite portrait and I couldn’t not include her gtiven half an excuse 🙂

  2. Superb photos. I always love dog and monkey shots (well I would living with a dog and monkeys all around) but your people shots are excellent, not one of my strengths at all. Or maybe I’m too embarrassed about taking them.

    I do usually write an annual review – too many years as a journalist writing them, so it’s part habit and part interest. It’s so easy to forget what’s happened so in the end I enjoy browsing back through blog posts and picking out a few highlights. I’ll probably post that at the weekend ie Sunday, depending on what I’m doing NYE. (It won’t be staying up until midnight, I can tell you that!)

    • RoughSeas – I’m shattered! Not making it to midnight, at your age … 🙂 I hate all the Auld Lang Syne stuff – even as a raver – but I do love to be awake for the new year. Ma – in her 90s and after Papa died, so she didn’t have to try so hard any more (Dad did that, kept her to her standards!) – used to go to bed and I’d call her at a quarter to so she could wash her face and tidy her hair, and we’d have a glass of champagne together, looking out toward the sea – both of us dreaming of trips to come …

      • Probably comes from the time we were living in Sydney and I wanted to watch the fireworks over the bridge – easy walk from our flat in Potts Point – and my partner fell asleep. We did go and caught the tale end, but after that I’ve not been hugely interested in sitting around waiting for new year. My parents did it of course, my mother being dark haired was the one to bring the coal over the doorstep.

  3. I’m not really the reminiscing type either. Great shots and I really really love the portrait of the woman from the paddy fields, you really captured her well

  4. The old lady from Meemure does have a hauntingly beautiful face! But that shot of the new baby of the Hanuman troop is truly Nat Geo quality! I do hope they will return to their old feeding grounds soon 🙂

  5. Beautiful photos, especially the stunning elderly lady and the Mama and baby monkeys… your doggy does the “sawn in half” trick in a literally laid back manner… something very tricky to pull off I hear.
    Your photo of the elderly lady is a prime lesson that growing old gracefully and naturally IS better than spending money on the stretching,nipping and tucking that only results in the plastic look, this lady is SO much more beautiful than the so-called cut and tuck “beauties”.

    • Funny you should hone in on growing old gracefully (I couldn’t agree with you more, by the way!), questioning the need for botox and ‘lifts’. Here in Sri Lanka – and I suspect in most of the ‘East’ – it’s not their faces people seem to worry about but the colour of their hair. Even men routinely dye their hair, it’s amazing!

      Whenever I see someone with natural hair and I’m with an older friend I always point it out, saying how chic and stylish the grey hair looks, but no – it’s a cultural thing, like lip disks, and nothing I can say makes the slightest difference. Even little corner stores have hair dye on their meagre shelves!

  6. HI Meredith,
    You have some top notch photos! I love the mother monkey and her babe, and the elderly woman, but the other photo of the monkeys, and all of the other portraits are beautiful too. One that really caught my eye was the header, with the portrait of your pup. The look of understanding in her face makes her look almost human! I love the story about waking up your little old mom, so she could tidy her hair and toast the New Year with a glass of champagne.
    I wish you a very Happy New Year.

  7. Incredible photos, as always. From the little old lady to your devoted dog – in two pieces! Warmest wishes and all the best for 2013. I so enjoy your beautiful blog!

  8. Something about people’s faces and their emotions in pictures that is very effectual, full and reeling. You obviously captured the right people, the perfect tones and all these great expressions.

  9. The old woman is truly beautiful, her face tells so many stories. I would love to talk to her, it must have been one of those moments that stay with you forever.

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