An Arcade of Windows

From Venice to Colombo in the blink of an eye – well, it’s not a direct flight, but a very comfortable one, on Emirates – leaving at a reasonable time, arriving at a reasonable time – for some reason an unusual occurrence for flights to my Paradise isle.

The recently renovated old Dutch Hospital building next to Police Headquarters just outside Colombo Fort is now a shopping precinct.  I hope it will be successful, for it is a joy to see this gracious old building in all its glory once again.

As you approach across an expanse of cobbles you become aware of the windows, recessed in the shade of the veranda like smiling eyes behind heavy bangs …

Thanks to Sandra Connor’s Thursday’s Windows for the prompt.

26 thoughts on “An Arcade of Windows

  1. I love the way you describe things: ‘like smiling eyes behind heavy bangs’. Love it :). What a beautiful, graceful old building. My eyes were drawn to the curious curlicue next to a column in the top shot.

    • Interesting that the architecture reminds you of the Southwest. I suppose the Spanish element … in Sri Lanka it was the Portuguese, but similar enough that tropical renditions would look much the same.

      No, George – I’m still here in Sri Lanka. Was planning to leave at the end of January but have changed my mind and will go after Easter.

  2. That is a gorgeous building. The old Frangipani adds to its appeal. Wasn’t there a brief Dutch period in Sri Lanka, apart from the Portuguese and British?

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