Five Red Anthuriums, and One Green

Cee is calling for red and green this week.  I  thought I’d astound you all with a sprig of holly, but it’s too soon, in my book, so tropical reds, from me – five red Anthuriums and one green, from my old garden in Kotte.

Reds and Greens, Cee’s Fun Photo Challenge for this week.

33 thoughts on “Five Red Anthuriums, and One Green

  1. Wonderful images, and plants… like their feathered counterparts, parrots, too much colour is never enough… and even the subtle green has a gentle beauty.

    • I’m particularly fond of the green, EllaDee, but you’re right, the colour saturation is so vibrant and invigorating it’s hard not to smile when I see them lighting up a corner of the garden 🙂

  2. Love your choice!!! C. brought to me a wonderful one for my birthday….Still full of leaves and flowers…Hope I can be able to keep it for at least another year!!!

    • They’re very resilient Illargia – I don’t see why it won’t live for several years if you take care of it.

      Let it barely dry out between waterings, never let it stand in water, filtered or morning light depending on the heat of the sun, and three-monthly applications of a slow-release fertiliser. If it starts to get leggy, just take it out of the pot, and divide the plantlets, or cut off the bottom of the tap root, leaving say three or four rootlets, and replant – here they always combine a nice sandy loam, some coconut fibre and 3-4 cm pieces of broken brick or other absorbent rocky material. 🙂

  3. This is one of my favorites. Thanks for the tips on taking care of it. I have a new one on the porch. I can remember trips in the Caribbean where creative hands put together beautiful arrangements that were displayed on front doors of private homes or even hotels. Good choice for the challenge.

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