Circles of Fire

When I saw Ailsa’s challenge this week, I thought I’d post a selection of international circles.  Somehow, though, the exotic of my paradise isle sits uneasily with more pristine images from Italy and France so, once again it’s a Sri Lankan line-up.  From the camaraderie of rugger practice to circles of fire, here’s a gallery of circles in response to Ailsa’s Travel Theme this week.

Check out Ailsa’s glorious macro of the purple workings of a flower and other circle entries here.

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23 thoughts on “Circles of Fire

  1. I really like the rugger shot. What a good nearly circle they’ve achieved, everyone’s in decent looking kit, ready to play, and the only one wearing long socks has chosen a wonderfully stripy pair!

    • I’m so glad you enjoyed the rugger boys Rowena! Somehow it seems a little like looking in on something private, as though they’re behind locker room doors, all crowding in and intently listening to their coach. Those stripy socks are cute, aren’t they? And I love the many coloured boots.

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  3. Of all the elements, fire draws us in. As do circles… we want things to go the full circle, they look better arranged in a circle… as you have so beautifully displayed here 🙂

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