Circle of Gilt

Flight to Venice, even for a few days,  would be really nice right now – just to drink in its wonders and give my subconscious space to think.  Since I can’t afford it, I’m using Ailsa’s “Circles” Travel Theme as an excuse for a vicarious trip via a Circle of Gilt and other Venetian circles.  Hang on to your hat – off we go!

This is my second response to Ailsa’s ‘Circles’ Travel Theme this week, our third circular photographic foray in the last couple of months – I’m not complaining, what’s more perfect than a circle 🙂

42 thoughts on “Circle of Gilt

    • Ummm …. so full of tourists these days TPT! When I was there last year I stood and watched them pouring into Harry’s in the morning … crossing it off their list, I guess.

      I wouldn’t mind joining the youngies at the rooftop bar of the new Molino Stucky Hilton – the view is sublime, and on Friday and Saturday nights there’s a great Happy Hour before it really goes off later at night! And as I said, I’ll stick to a couple of chilly Proseccos 🙂

        • I’m relieved to know that, TPT, and glad to know I’ve always got a drinking mate when the virtual Prosecco comes out!

          I’d love to hear your thoughts on the rooftop bar. When I was there this time last year it was THE place to go among the beautiful young things, and not so young, real Venetian people I met 🙂

    • Ahhh – that’s not such a good thing, Jo, especially as it looks as though it’s getting cold in your neck of the woods – must be making you restless! Venice can be a bit cold and awfully damp in December – perhaps not the most enticing time to visit for sun-lovers!

      Not that I’d mind! Feeling the cold again is on my “plus” list for the things I’m looking forward to when I go home. I have to admit four years of summer gets a bit boring 🙂

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  2. I like the ventian glass circles especially. And yes, one of the wonderful things about WordPress posts-challenges is we get to do a little vicarious travel via others, and also our own photo collections 🙂

    • Isn’t it just – I’ve seen some corners of the world I’ve given up hope of ever seeing in this lifetime!

      Glad you liked the Venetian glass circles EllaDee. That light is one of my favourite street lights in all the world and every time I go to Venice I seem to enjoy it more. Seeing it from the gondola and being able to photograph it from a few different angles was one of the highlights of my last (and probably the last) trip.

  3. Round and round and round we go! Those Circular Sepi Suckers made me feel a little queezy.
    Love the rest though 😉

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