Peaceful Pools of Tranquility in the Frenetic City

Barely a kilometre from the nation’s iconic new parliament buildings, there’s a shady avenue, one side of which is home to several busy government departments.

Deep Shadows

Just across the road, like stepping through the looking-glass, is a patch of timeless Sri Lanka – an idyllic landscape of paddy fields and banana groves crisscrossed by water channels and meandering pathways.

My neck of the woods is not unique in this city.  Luckily, so far, development at Colombo’s southern fringes has avoided building over all the productive farmland, and village-like scenes such as these can be found in valleys and other low-lying areas – peaceful pools of tranquility in an otherwise frenetic city.

This post was inspired by Jake’s Weekly Photo Challenge – Peaceful.

* * *

Marianne reported she overcame her problems uploading photographs by updating the software of her internet browser.  A few false-starts later, I have my fingers crossed i can say the same.

24 thoughts on “Peaceful Pools of Tranquility in the Frenetic City

    • I doubt it will last another generation though Angeline, right in the city like this. Elsewhere on the island, t’s quite distressing to see once productive farmland being subdivided for new housing ‘estates’.

  1. Tranquility has become somewhat of a valuable, sometimes scare commodity, sacrificed to necessity I guess, but these images are evidence that they can co-exist.

    • Am I too cynical to think they’ve only been saved because the areas are prone to flooding, EllaDee?

      I remember Mum telling me of several places on the ‘mountain’ sides of Buderim that the council had deemed too prone to slippage to be built on, only to be – miraculously – rezoned once the pressure to release additional land became too strong to resist.

  2. timeless scenes of life somehow surviving the madness of life on earth at this time … holding out hopes for our survival through the destruction of the environment by chemicals, plastics and carbon … and peaceful indeed 🙂

  3. I would love to go for a walk along this path. Of course I would be taking pictures more than walking. 😉

    • If that means you’ve time to saunter down the path taking pictures, that’s wonderful news! How’s the packing up going? I’ve almost decided to postpone my departure till after Easter which makes me feel much better!

      • The packing is taking its toll, I have to say. We accumulate too much stuff. I would be going faster if I wasn’t ill and if my arm wasn’t in a brace.
        I am too far gone to change my mind now and mine is a temporary move. I will be moving again in April (around the same time as you) 😉

        • Are you feeling a little better yet? When does your arm come out of the sling? I understand about all that accumulated ‘stuff’ – i hope you have the energy to jettison most of it now so you don’t have to deal with it again in April! 🙂

  4. What a lovely setting…I’m imaging strolling and dawdling along with no plan beyond enjoying the scenery.
    I see from your countdown clock, departure day is looming! Enjoy every last second!

  5. One day I will get to Sri Lanka. There’s so much of the planet to see. This blog blows me away when so much of that part of the world is so populated. I go to Kerala in January.

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