Just the Breeze

I couldn’t get enough of this simple village temple, alone on its rocky knoll to the side of the rice terraces of Meemure village.

In the hours of lassitude after lunch, not a soul appears, not a sound intrudes. Sitting there, in the midst of that vast silence, I could hear the faint murmur of air moving through the leaves, and the occasional gurgle of water following gravity downhill.

In a word:  peaceful.

Just the breeze

* * *
Unlike the process of downloading these two photographs.  What I thought must have been my internet connection on Sunday seems to be something more.  Nearly twenty minutes to download two pictures?  There’s something not quite right with the new downloader, I’d say.

Lets hope others aren’t experiencing the same problems and that I can see plenty of peaceful entries for Jake’s Sunday Post challenge this week.

62 thoughts on “Just the Breeze

  1. Beautiful pic!!!
    Where came the rock from? From the mountains?

    I am so frustrated!!! I can not post any pic!!!! Yesterday I thought everything was over by midnight and this morning it is the same!!!

    • This is an isolated village, deep in the mountains and forests of the Knuckles Range. Here, every centimetre of ground is valuable and so the rocks and boulders have been cleared from the valley side to create the rice terraces, and the largest ones moved away to the side here, which was the perfect place to build their little temple.

      I’m holding my breath – but it does seem to be taking a good while to fix the problem. Try some peacefulness … 🙂

  2. So serene and beautiful…..
    I had huge problems with the new uploader too, not the speed, but my picture refused to show at all…. Spent hours with one post and one picture…. Think I solved it at last though…
    Have a wonderful day!

  3. Lovely entry for Jake’s theme, Very peaceful indeed.

    I had trouble uploading my last post (about the AVE trains), as the photographs all posted together at the top of the post rather than where I wanted them to post. I discovered that all I had to do was make sure that my browser (Firefox) was the latest version and magically everything went back to normal.

      • Thanks for that. I didn’t have problems with uploading per se, I just don’t find the changes any better at all. More work to do the same thing = worse IMO.

        I can’t upgrade safari any more anyway, I’m running on Tiger OS so they stopped producing upgrades for my safari ages ago 😀

        • Oh, I’m liking the upgrade – it means you can select which photographs go in a gallery (i.e. not all the photos attached to a particular post), and in fact you can have a series of galleries in one post. I think that’s a great improvement from the perspective of the way a post looks, and of telling your story.

          • You could do that before by going into the archive – ok so that was more clicks for that. But as I rarely use gallery, and would be unlikely to use previous photos for one, it’s of no value to me! I do like slideshow, and I do sometimes need to rotate (iPhone) images on site. So for me it’s a step backwards. Plus it takes longer to load all those pictures that I don’t want to put in the gallery I don’t use 😀

  4. That IS a gorgeous serene place!
    Re: the new media uploader? Egads!! I hope they work rhe kinks out! I had a TERRIBLE time getting my wordless Wednesday post up yesterday! You’re not alone. (Small consolation, yeah?)

    • Doesn’t it? You must remember this is a remote and completely isolated village deep in the mountains, without even a proper road. In the old days the village only had its bodhi tree enclosure as its sacred place. This little temple was built in the last generation and sad to say they didn’t have enough money to bring in outsiders to make it look more beautiful. In fact, looking around the village, it seems as if none of this generation (or the last) of villagers has ever built anything.

    • The piles of rocks made a wonderfully warm and inviting natural chair, Angeline, especially under those trees. All I could have asked for was a tiny bit more breeze, so I could hear the trees move – I really love to hear that sound!

  5. Beautiful photos, and I’m glad you were able to get them uploaded! So far my preview of my Saturday post looks okay, but I guess I’ll know for sure when it goes live.

    I wonder if there might be difficulties with some themes and not others?

  6. Your pool of images for these challenges is truly wonderful. I have heard other murmurs re the WP download changes… if I could get some time to put together the posts that have been swimming around my brain for a week, I’d give you my view.

  7. I don’t know. I haven’t had any problems downloading pictures at all. However, what I do know is that the Internet is a strange fellow. When you download (or send an email) it can go around the world several times, get stuck, start over, and do it again before arriving back. Downloading pictures can be worse. It could just be your Internet connection.

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