Dutch Hospital Reflections

Killing some time, waiting for the heat to really build up to take some hottie shots for Ailsa, I popped into the Hilton, where my friend Shobi had a stall at a Christmas Crafts Fair.  She had some beautiful things, as did Padma, who I hadn’t expected to see,  and yes, I couldn’t resist a couple of souvenirs to take home to Australia!

Since I was in town, and so close, I decided to walk around to the Dutch Hospital to have a cappuccino – a luxury I rarely indulge in these days –  and take some pictures.   When I was there for A’s birthday it didn’t seem the right time to explore the renovations with my camera, so being alone, this was an ideal opportunity.

Dutch Hospital Facade

Coming out of the coffee shop, I couldn’t resist the cliché shot of the two glass towers of the World Trade Centre soaring above the terracotta roof of the simple old building.

Dutch Hospital Towers 1

When I’d hauled myself up from the pavement, I noticed the reflection of one building in the other

Dutch Hospital Towers 2

so I headed back out to the street and there, reflected in the lower panes of the building opposite, was the Dutch Hospital itself.

Dutch Hospital Towers 3

As I moved around taking pictures from different angles, I saw the green dome of a mosque appear to float above the Dutch Hospital, and the side facade of the old Police HQ building, draped in green gauze.

Dutch Hospital Towers 5

While in another set of panes, the stately side facade of the old secretariat building materialised.

Dutch Hospital Towers 4

Now, the strange thing was, I couldn’t see these buildings from where I was standing – it was the giant slabs of plate glass-turned mirror in the glaring sunshine which picked up these distant landmarks, and so it was with delight that I next spied the old colonial building on the hill into Fort, and, over there, a crane from the Inter-Continental refit.

Dutch Hospital Towers 6

What a serendipitous discovery!   Who’d have thought we’d have city reflections, just like other big cities?  Pop across to see them, and other reflections, at the WP Photo Challenge.

And no, there won’t be any hottie pictures this week.  By the time I’d photographed every inch of the renovations, and done a couple of other chores, it was me who was wilted and hot, so I took myself off to lunch at Barefoot, where I sat in the shade, under a fan, and over lunch and a couple of glasses of wine, was bewitched by a painting.

49 thoughts on “Dutch Hospital Reflections

  1. What a magical discovery! To be able to see all that in the panes but not with the naked eye. It all looks mysterious and mirage like. Magical, mysterious and mirage … oh, my!

  2. OMG. The photo of the green dome (the first one) is fabulous, as all the photos are, but I’d have that first dome photo printed and framed. You could decorate the walls of your new home with these photos!!
    And did you happen to take a photo of the painting you were bewitched by?

    • I’m so glad you liked that one – I love it too and was just so amazed it turned out like a mirage, just as it did in reality!

      I did. indeed take a photo (or two) of the painting! I’m thinking that maybe it would be the perfect ‘farewell Sri Lanka’ gift to myself. I’d be loath to have photographs of here in my new home – don’t want to be nostalgic – but a painting that has no connotations with Sri Lanka except that it was bought here, and was painted by a Sri Lankan would be a nice, oblique reminder of this glorious interlude (lets call it that, rather than a detour!!!!) in my life.

  3. I love reflections in photos, be they in water or in glass-covered modern skyscrapers. There’s just something about them that attracts my eye. And the blend of the old and new is simply frosting on the cake. 🙂

    • The old buildings reflected in the modern plate glass windows is the icing on the cake, isn’t it? I love how it’s like a dreamscape – all recognisable, but like an artist’s sketchpad, all haphazard and unexpected.

  4. Fantastic photographs! All kinds of little windows onto different buildings from different pasts. The thing is though, I have no idea where in the world you are now?!

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  9. What everyone else has said about the reflections. Very cool. I have been troubled now for several minutes, however, by something in the text. I decided simply to ask. What the hell is wrong with a daily cappuccino?

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