Liquid Jade

Inspired by the liquid air she’s experiencing in Seattle just now, Ailsa has challenged us with “Liquid” this week.

My mind is full of images from Kola Kanda and other liquid foods to Venice and the Backwaters, our recent monsoon rains.  But I thought, while I think about a suitably liquid post, I’d show you a photograph of Albi, before a storm,  when the pressure and the clouds seem to have turned the Tarn into liquid jade, upstream of the weir.

30 thoughts on “Liquid Jade

    • I know I should probably have put a post script about Albi, but I also knew travellers who didn’t know the name would grab the atlas or better still, Google it – Albi wasn’t the point, though it’s red brick construction was the contrast that made the photo – the whole city – zing! 🙂

    • It does, doesn’t it – though the description didn’t sit well, when it first came to mind. Somehow the brittleness of jade kept over-riding the image, and yet, the more I closed my eyes and tried to remember the scene – it was 40 odd years ago – I kept seeing this Daliesque melting jade …

  1. When I saw the title “Liquid Jade” I immediately thought of “Liquid Gold”. For me that would have been a glass of scotch. Good thing I didn’t have any in the house! 😉

    • I’m sorry about that Jo 🙂 I did toy with an explanatory note, but I thought those of you who were interested enough to know more than “France”, “Tarn”, would look it up – I would! – and find out much more than I would have been prepared to give by way of explanation 🙂

      Toulouse Lautrec’s hometown wasn’t exactly a destination, more a cross road on our journey from France into Spain – though we did in fact spend a most interesting and joyous day admiring his ‘posters’, wandering the city’s streets and wondering about it’s strange red-brick construction (even the cathedral was made from red bricks, with just the smallest touches of gothic stone tracery for windows and things. I guess that porous chalky stone of the Tarn river valley wasn’t an ideal building material.)

      • I agree,Meredith. Explanations are cumbersome, though ignoramus that I am, I’ve only recently discovered that WordPress supply you with “related” links, which I think is quite cool. How long it is now since Wikipedia replaced encyclopedias!

        • Well, in my case, not long because I’m still a bit distrustful about the veracity of Wikipedia information, but my goodness, how much more information is available to us at the end of a simple question in the Google box – way more than even the Britannica ever gave us – a real revolution.

    • I wouldn’t normally, either – but I think there was some mineral component to the water in the Tarn, I remember every sighting of it, it seemed to be greener, rather than brownish, as it rushed through its gorges.

    • Strange how some days remain in your memory banks forever, it seems, and just thinking about this picture brings back that day in Albi so clearly – well, parts of it, anyway. It’s a red brick town – strange in itself, and this high contrast to the normal grey/cream stone of France, was intensified by the neon filter you get before a storm, you know, that weird light?

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