Nature’s Bright Monotones

Bright monotones, Cee demands, and though I’d prefer the myriad nuances of stone, I hasten to obey.

On a personal note, apologies for being remiss about your comments and catching up with your posts.  The countdown has begun in earnest and if I’m not stealing a few precious, and totally illicit, minutes reading “Bring up the Bodies” (Hilary Mantel’s scintillating Booker Award-winning continuum to the story of Thomas Cromwell and Henry VIII begun in “Wolf Hall“) which arrived from India the other day – I’m up to my elbows at my proper job – The Move.

A new life;  a new location;  letting go of the past –  simplification is called for.  I’m sorting books, writing lists, photographing furniture, taking measurements, culling, culling – and chucking out.  The Girls are a bit anxious, and my mind’s beginning to frazzle with the minutiae and the reality.  But things are moving ahead and I’m relieved I’ll not be homeless when I arrive – thanks to the generosity and understanding of a stranger from Melbourne, I’ve found an apartment in Cotton Tree I can afford to rent  till my ‘stuff’ arrives – not only that, the chance to test-run what it might be like to live in town, where the river meets the sea.

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    • Ah, yes dear … You must have missed the announcement when you were away :). Leaving at the end of January but with Xmas etc. have to begin selling up by early December. Have decided to live on Queensland’s “Sunshine Coast” 100km north of Brisbane. Beautiful (mountains, rivers and the ocean), good climate and enough people to offer some intellectual stimulation, or close by in Brisbane or an hour to Sydney by plane, a couple to Melbourne, where I’ll enjoy seeing friends I’ve missed all these years.

  1. We understand perfectly.
    That is great news about the apartment. What about the girls? Has anyone come forward to take them in? I did send their details to my daughters friends in SL to pass on. Good luck with the packing and the simplification. Should keep you too busy to brood 🙂

    • Ummm … There is that! Thought I had a nibble for the Girls (thanks so much for disseminating their info!) , but nothing came of it unfortunately, which is why I’ve been persuaded that the simplification process must also begin way in advance of the packers, especially with the Christmas holiday season in the middle!

      Many thanks – and so glad you liked the monotones 🙂

      • I was going to ask about the girls, too — that little nibble was not meant to be (must mean someone else is waiting for them!). Simplification is so liberating — I am so far from that goal, but chipping away at its corners as I can (today’s “simplify” task — my poor cluttered office! ). Love the details of your photos — a perfect reflection of your process of simplification, focusing on the small details! ~ Kat

        • I’m looking forward to when the simplification process is over, Kat – it will be good to feel free to pick up and go, even if age and my pocket book are clipping my wings somewhat these days!!! 🙂

  2. Beautiful photos! I have found that simplification in moves is the ticket. And letting go of as much as possible, as hard as that can be, is the best thing to do. Sending thoughts for strength to get through it all.

    • Funny, all my life, up until this last move, back here to Sri Lanka, I’d always had a pretty pared back life – a couple of tea chests at most! So in a real sense I’m looking forward to getting rid of a lot of this ‘stuff’ – such a worry (and expense) taking care of it all!

      It’s such a help knowing I’m not alone – for a moment or more so many of you are empathizing … 🙂

  3. yes, love the monotones, and just what you need when clearing and culling, there is always so much to look at and decide about, each thing with all its attendant memories and attachments, a very difficult job … i cleared out a drawer yesterday and found xmas stamps from 1991 …. and a tiny book with a few recorded dreams … but letting go is very liberating meredith, all will be well …meanwhile we hope for a perfect home for the girls 😀

    • It’s always been my favourite part of Maroochydore – old fashioned and simply glorious down by the river at sunset! Before we got our own supermarket in Buderim I often used to steal time, after the groceries and the library, to have a coffee in one of the ‘new’ places down there and enjoyed the vibe. In trying to decide my next steps I thought I might enjoy living there – or further around along the river – so a trial run, while I’m looking is just perfect!

  4. The banana flower really reminds me of an artichoke…. We do all understand the stress and time involved in moving, so don’t worry about keeping up with comments or other blogs. And I’m still sending positive thoughts your way that someone wonderful will offer the girls a lovely new home.

  5. Nice images – nature’s palette is endlessly stunning. It’s wonderful things are falling in to place for you, even though the process of relocating is challenging 🙂

  6. The water droplet really caught my attention…I’m puzzling over the surface it’s on? Is it a water lily?
    Best of luck with your moving preps…in the run-down to moving here,I had to rid myself of the entire contents of a 13 room house…furniture, rugs, everything I’d accumulated over 25 years, got sold or given away. we packed one carload of pots/pans/tools/clothes and 2 small tvs (my daughter drove) and a few mos later I followed with 3 bulging suitcases. Getting rid of all the “things” was the most liberating experience!
    There’s no doubt in my mind you’ll enjoy this exciting next adventure! It sounds as if you’ve started early enough to do it all in way that won’t compromise your sanity.

    • What a huge move … 🙂 It’s great to hear you think I’ll come through with my sanity!

      Yes, now I’ve started, I’m glad to be freeing myself of a lot of ‘things’ – much of it simply moved indiscriminately from my parents’ house with me when I moved back here to Sri Lanka. It’s time to detangle my life from theirs and de-clutter once again – how can a girl wander when she’s dragging so much baggage behind her? 🙂

  7. I am in much the same disarray as you are. We are also moving. Not to another country … although, it might as well be. I have been packing and culling etc. with one arm in a brace. We have also found a temporary home for the winter back in Niagara Falls (my home town) thanks to someone who is allowing us to housesit while he is away. My move has to be done before Christmas. Scary stuff!

    • Now, is this right out of the blue, or did I miss something?!? But it does explain why you’ve not been posting too often these days!

      There I was anticipating exploring that pathway as the snow flies, and you’ll be back home in Niagara Falls (I know, your heart has misses Niagara Falls, it must be something about the continual roar fuelling something primal in you!) – and then there’s your arm in a sling, what did I miss there?

      Goodness, the pressure – especially with that basement full of office … so glad you’ve found a house-sit, that’s brilliant!

      Good Luck Michelle 🙂

      • No, it isn’t out of the blue. It has been coming for awhile. It was difficult to talk about until we knew where we were going.
        I will miss my path most of all. Every time they call for snow I watch out the window so I can go get some winter pictures for you (and me of course). None yet but I still have time.
        Talk soon,

  8. I love the monotones. Gorgeous photos, as usual.

    Good luck as you prepare for the move. Melbourne sounds wonderful. One of our neighbors grew up there. A new adventure! Hang in there.

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