Four Out of Context

I had a couple of things I had to cross of the ‘to do’ list this morning, but Cee demanded I take my camera too, so I could shoot her something new today.  I obliged, naturally, but as Cee also demands only three, or perhaps four shots, that’s all I can show you.  I’ve called the little series Four Out of Context – but that’s not quite true, because they were shot today, close to home, and are snapshots of a couple more things I love about Sri Lanka.

If there’s a corner, there’s sure to be a shady tree – or put another way, if there’s a shady tree, there’s sure to be a tuk tuk!

It’s not just French and Italian farmers who beautify their fields.  Here, at the bottom of the hill, one of the farmers has planted a row of bright Zinnias around his field of ripening paddy.

Amarasiri needed to refuel, so we stopped at the petrol shed.  Beside us was a perfectly clipped Ixora hedge just coming back into bloom.

And finally – captured just before the gathering storm became insistent we head for home – a tree in the new park they’re building near Parliament, just to the northeast (yes, I know, it’s in the water – I promise I’ll put our tree and the new park into context soon!).

Pop across to see the remaining leaf (and late autumn flowers) Cee posted, and view other challengers.


37 thoughts on “Four Out of Context

  1. How you saved yourself with that last statement… a tree on an island, to become a park, near parliament… that could have conjured up all sorts of hilarious comments… maybe Cee should think about a challenge like that….

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  3. You have made me so fond of Sri Lanka. I will also miss her when you leave. I just noticed that you have a count down going on at the bottom of the page. It is very real now.

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