My Passion? I Can Answer That One.

When Steve Brassawe, The Solipsist, nominated me for the Reader Appreciation Award the other day I was flabbergasted.  Like a faded diva, I’d thought those heady days were long past.  Indeed, I’d only recently tidied my Awards cabinet, arranging each widget on a neat page where I could admire it and easily access the generous bloggers who had sent me such glittering tokens of their appreciation.

To have been recognised by a blogger whose photographs and droll, laconic humour I’ve been admiring shyly for some time was tremendous!  Steve struck out across the Rio Grande heading south until one day he came to an unexpected stop in San Miguel de Allende.  Since then he’s become smitten by the town, and the country, and has settled in.  I’m enjoying what he shows us of his life in Mexico – I’m sure you will too, if you’re not already (here’s the link again).

Hoping to prove that old dogs can learn new tricks, and that I’m not always a procrastinating fool who bends the rules to suit her lazy self, I immediately resolved to pay Steve’s nomination forward with alacrity.   You can imagine, then, how delighted I was to see there was a set of questions to answer – no need to dredge through old posts to see if there was anything left of my life that I haven’t already ‘shared’.  But then I began to read more carefully  …  most of them I couldn’t answer!

Your favourite number?  Who’s got a favourite number?  I don’t have a favourite number!  Why would I have a favourite number?  I’m mathematically challenged – I can’t even talk to you about Fibonacci sequences, like Rowena, or the magic of prime.  Ok – there’s one number I remember, other than my birthday (which I’m certainly not divulging) – it’s 6*****8 – good till October 2016!

Your favorite color?  Another impossible question.  In what context?  Am I wearing it, or painting my bedroom with it?  Am I responding to it on a corporate logo?  Really …   Well, I’m not fond of brown – I’m not drawn to it, it doesn’t look good on me – but having said that, I love brown things.  What’s not to love about brown horses, giraffes, wood … or rocks, the earth itself?  There’s a particular faded Deep Forest Green I often see painted on boundary walls around town.  I’m not too fond of that, though I’ve seen it coupled with blues and greens on insects, and in saris, where it’s deeply satisfying , as it is in the forest.

But if there’s a colour that represents all I hold dear, perhaps it’s the slightly limy green of young paddy, the newest shoot on a tea bush – so intense, so full of promise.

Your favorite animal?   Ok, that’s easy – elephants, of course.

Your favorite non-alcoholic drink?  I can answer this one too … well, if I don’t use my taste buds, because if my taste buds get involved, there’ll be indecision for days – oh, and if I’m not wearing my ‘show off the bounty of Sri Lanka’ cap, when I’d immediately pipe up with Thambily – King Coconut water.  Truthfully, deep in the cells of my being is imprinted the memory of the most glorious drink of all – rainwater.  Not expensive bottled mineral water, or sanitised tap water – rainwater, enlivened by our atmosphere.  I should add a caveat here – harvested out in the country somewhere, nowhere near our toxic cities.

Facebook® or Twitter®?   Neither.  What’s the point?   If I want to talk to my friends I’ll talk to them, or SMS – that’s why I have a phone.   For sharing images or random thoughts, there’s the blog and the internet, or heaven forbid, a postcard, card or letter.

Your favorite pattern?   Other than the ever-changing patterns of sunlight dancing on water?  You can see where I’m going here – nothing simple, it seems, like an understated check or plaid, though I greatly admire the geometric patterns of weavers from civilisations past –  the Greek and Indian key pattern, for instance.   I’d be tempted to say the patterns of fractals, especially as they’re played out digitally these days, or by a couple of new, cutting edge designers I’ve seen, but no – I’ll opt for paisley – the stylised mango of India, curvaceous and fecund.

Getting or giving presents?   When I was young the excitement of receiving gifts was unparalleled.  The box containing our family’s incoming Christmas parcels presented such an unbearable longing to know what was inside that I would unwrap, view and re-wrap each new addition many times before the great day arrived.  My delight at what was revealed on Christmas morning – be it intended for me, or for either parent – was unfeigned.  (I’m still not sure whether they knew or said nothing, in view of my obvious excitement.)

These days the thrill isn’t the same (although the box which contained the two-volume set of The Shorter Oxford English Dictionary had me stumped and remains the most thrilling gift R ever gave me), which is why I now prefer to be the giver and get my kicks from watching the surprise on another’s face as a parcel’s contents are revealed.

Your favorite day of the week?   No, I have no affiliation to a specific day of the week.  Every day is a gift.   

Your favorite flower?   I can answer this one too.  For years now, and until I change my mind – the sacred Lotus – Nelumbo – in all its forms.

What is your passion?   You’ll have to be satisfied with a ‘world peace’ type of answer here.  My passion is for life, living, for the world – the world we inherited from evolution, and the world we as humans have and are creating from our imaginations.

If I had to narrow it down, learning about things, figuring out how things work.  Reading the philosophy of The Buddha;  the startling revelation that it was Muslim scholars who ‘saved’ for us the knowledge of Aristotle and the ancient Greeks;  that zero was an Indian invention;  how clouds work;  a perfect phrase of music, an idea;  even listening to brainy people talk about their work, the things they think about – these things fill me with such joy I’m fit to bursting.  The high of figuring out how to play Sudoku – and challenging myself to do so every night she was fretful – got me through nursing Ma during her final battle in life.  To me, the gift of my conscious brain surpasses all, and my passion is experiencing everything it gives me.

And it’s learning something new that’s the treat I have for us today – because I too want to get to know these bloggers who all came into my life on the same day, two weeks and two days ago.  May I present:

From what I’ve seen so far, some of these folk are newish to the blogosphere – others established – whichever, please pop across to say hello and make them feel welcome.  Who knows, another adventure may unfold.

Thank you Steve, for your appreciation, and the opportunity it gave me to make the circles grow.

74 thoughts on “My Passion? I Can Answer That One.

  1. You’ve done it again 🙂 Congratulations. I really look forward to getting to know the bloggers you present here, especially Steve, who I will now go spend hours with. San Miguel is in my sights in the not to distant future. Buenas noches, M.

  2. Thanks for raising lots of smiles this morning, Meredith. This is a lesson in how to turn an award acceptance into a fascinating read. Looking forward to Steve et al. Mission accomplished.

  3. What an interesting post. Seriously. I read through your answers and thought of mine, some were similar, (I have a hierarchy of favourite numbers!) and some were different. Either way it was a thoughtful post. I’m not into the award syndrome as I think it gets a bit trite, but like you, I do like the opportunity to showcase/advertise/feature other bloggers, especially newer ones, or less well read ones.

    • Couldn’t agree more about the awards roughseas … I like initiatives like Marianne’s where we introduce two blogs each month – like bringing friends along to a gallery opening, or a book reading … 🙂

  4. That was an interesting read! Congrats! Will check out the blogs one at a time. Its great when others (like you) can pick out bloggers in this wide, deep blogging ocean!

  5. Beautiful acceptance, but that is expected 🙂
    Picking bloggers who decided to follow you on a particular day was brilliant! Look forward to meeting them all.

    • You know how I’m always scrounging around trying to find new folk to add to the circles – this seemed the perfect solution! I’m sure there’ll be some interesting bloggers there for us to meet. 🙂

    • It’s interesting, isn’t it? These acceptance speeches are designed to kickstart our blogging relationships, and be fun, so the questions and answers are/need to be lighthearted – and yet they end up being so revealing at the same time – even the monosyllabic responses!

  6. Congratulations!!! It has been a pleasure reading your post…I have to admit I envy you..Your answers have made up a deep picture of your personality, dreams and desires….

    • Thank you ilargia…. It seems a wasted opportunity to simply respond with ‘green’, or ‘lime green’, or even ‘new paddy green’ – what does that tell anyone about me? Anyway, the questions are designed to draw us out about ourselves and if we’re going to play along I think it’s best to do it wholeheartedly (another character clue!) 🙂

  7. I love how you didn’t want to be pinned down to a favorite color, number, etc. That, my friend, is a free spirit.

    And, I’m with you on the Facebook/Twitter thing. If I want to talk to someone, I pick up the phone!

  8. I love your answers and photos—even if you feel like you couldn’t choose a single response for some of the questions. The award was well-given and received!

  9. Oops, I got sidetracked over at The Solipsist, and misplaced some time, but I’m back to congratulate you on another well deserved award, and wonderful entertaining-interestng acceptance speech… Anyway, must go… need to get to the blogs you nominated 🙂

    • It was a moment of inspiration when I found all those new blogs signing up on the same day – especially as they were nearly all new bloggers who need to get onto their networking!

      Glad you enjoyed the answers Sylvia – thanks 🙂

  10. Thanks for the mention, although for the sake of clarity I think I need to say that it’s the one and only time I’ve ever mentioned Fibonacci, and had to check the spelling! What a list of unanswerable questions; but still excellent prompts for some fun insights. And now after a couple of days offline, there’s a lot of catch up reading for me to do!

    • Well, I wanted to attribute the Fibonacci sequences because I wouldn’t have thought of them in relation to my lovely circle, and though some math geeks may rush over – and fantastic if they do – most people I’m sure will simply deduce you’re an interesting woman – and that’s a nice way to introduce somebody, I think. 🙂

  11. Those are great answers to some really hard questions.
    It is interesting to go back and look at the origins of these awards, to see how they have evolved. I was curious so I did click on Jennifer’s link.
    You have shared some new talent with us and I will spend some time getting to know these bloggers over the weekend.

  12. I loved reading your acceptance post and also all the comments that followed. It always amazes me that there are millions of bloggers out there in the blogosphere and yet somehow you manage to find and present us with kindred spirits and interesting people. I am looking forward to connecting with them. Today it is Saturday, it is raining and a good day to surf around the blogosphere.

  13. Nice to meet you Wandetlust Gene with the answers to the questions. I actually hate those scrapbook type of questions. I just thought they should provide better questions. Anyway, you really answered them uniquely and more engaging thn most I’ve read. Your blog is oozing with eloquence and wonderful images. Congrats, mre power and have fun blogging!

    • I am enjoying the blogging, yes! I’m very glad to know my answers were entertaining , but after all my complaining about them, I think the questions were quite good – superficially is pls, deceptively complex – just like life 🙂

  14. The lady who got me super-interested in blogging seems to have dropped off the radar. I used to enjoy reading about and seeing photos of her “food travels” around Cape Town South Africa. How do I (we) inspire her again? Well, I thought of asking some inspirational bloggers for help – bloggers who are active and inspire me.
    This message is being only sent to a handful of you – so if you get it and it’s on one of your comment pages; then you know that your site is one of my real favourites for food travel or photography.
    If you get a moment, please pop in and visit Amy’s blog “Miss Jones and the Elusive Food Orgasm”: if you see something you like then kindly let Amy know.
    You might want to perhaps start with: .
    Thank you in advance.

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