What’s Most Wonderful?

Jake proposed “Wonderful” for his challenge this week –  but you know, Pollyanna that I am,  almost everything’s wonderful.  Even the saddest times have had moments of such bitter-sweet intensity they’re seared into my brain as outstanding moments of my life.  So where to begin, to show you wonderful?

Some months ago I posted (loads of photographs of) a morning I spent with the whales off the Sunshine Coast.  Those three or four hours were probability the most thrilling of my life.  Even more wonderful than being with elephants, you may ask?  Well, yes … somehow, being with them out there on the water was so improbable.  They could have swum on by, but no, they stopped to play for us, and with us, for no reason other than it was fun.  I can tell you, my face was sore from the grinning!   That the experience was a gift, added to its ‘wonderfulness’!  Anyway, I can’t post those shots again (if you didn’t see them then, you’ll have to go back and have a look!).

Skydiving?  Yes … wonderful!  Leaping out of a small aeroplane and arching my body into a violently flapping floaty shape as I plummeted toward the earth was pretty wonderful.  If I’d figured out how to extract a couple of stills from the souvenir clip I’d have considered posting one as ‘wonderful” – but I won’t subject you to all five minutes of its awful music (even if I could figure out how to embed it here!).   I can assure you, those fleeting moments were beyond wonderful.  Short though, and the intensity – like the memory of cold, or pain – lost to memory.

My wedding?  I’ve already posted a photograph of that wonderful day.  The great loves of my life?  Well, one’s not just mine to share, and the other – Sri Lanka – I write about all the time – so you know just how wonderful I think that is.  Flowers, forests, rivers clouds  … the sweetness of a fleeting smile, the delicious gurgle of an amused child.

What stands out in my memories though, as I sift through them to consider what I might post today, is that anything associated with animals is, to me, wonderful.  You’ve been regaled (or bored to sobs, depending on your inclinations) with photographs of my sightings of the Hanuman Troupe – every second of which has been wonderful.

There’s the extraordinary thing called an elephant’s trunk

isn’t that wonderful?

And there was one bossy elephant at Pinawella

who was obviously having the most wonderful time.

Then there’re ‘my girls’ – from the day after they arrived until today, every moment has been wonderful … and symbolic of my life here in Paradise.

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55 thoughts on “What’s Most Wonderful?

  1. Wow I used the link to go back to see the whales photos… how privileged you where to capture those… and you might just consider a re post for others like me that were not following you at that time… they are marvelous….
    How I agree with you on the anything to do with animals…. and I’ve by no means been bored by your photos of the Hanuman Troupe, may be it’s just me… but anything to do with animals… blesses one inner feelings…

  2. I started reading your post and then clicked back to your whale-of-a-gift, and then got completely sidetracked and forgot where I started from!

    Wonderful memories of a wonderful life 🙂

  3. That was a really great build up of tension before the ‘reveal’! I was really beginning to ask, what will she pick, what will she pick? ! I love the elephants bathing (and I’m one of the animal agnostics!)

  4. I love that elephant’s eye! And Wanderlust, long ago you gave me an award – I’m about to post it (tomorrow) – just to let you know I hadn’t forgotten, I just like to do my awards in a complicated way and belatedly.

  5. I love your spirit. I wish you could bottle it and share it with the rest of us. Last night I was flipping through the usual mess on TV and saw something on elephants. I stopped and was watching it. He-Who and I both enjoyed the show very much and discussed it thoroughly. He was curious about why I had stopped on it as it was not my nature. I had to explain that my friend in Sri Lanka has gotten me into elephants. I think he thought I was making it up. I wasn’t. 😉

    • Oh Michelle, I’m all smiles and coyly overwhelmed! 🙂

      Thank goodness you both enjoyed the program – it’s good to surprise one’s partner from time to time I think – and to bring new interests into our lives and relationships!

  6. I never get bored of Hanuman photos…a glimpse into a natural setting, half a world apart from me. Wow! elephants up close and personal. But my favorite, aside from the whales are your girls. Our daughter had three Beagles and I can relate.

    • Makes me laugh – from this triple abandon which really didn’t push me off the daybed, though it felt like it – to today, when there’s routinely no room for me, if they all decide they want to congregate on the daybed together!

    • it’s thrilling! I suppose I’ve wanted to since I was a kid and saw parachute jumps in old war movies! After Ma died I was feeling a bit dead myself – ten years of putting my feelings on hold, I guess … anyway I thought a bit of terror would give me a bit of a heart starter, and also be a bit symbolic of leaping from one life to another – yeah, it was a big deal, 60th birthday present to myself and it was just wonderful. The views were astounding, and the body awareness unforgettable.

  7. Hi Meredith,
    I would confess that I had to look up Pollyanna in the dictionary but even I had not, your photos would totally depict how “Pollyanna” you are! All your photos burst with some happy positive energy, Loved ’em!
    Best Regards,

  8. Once the Hanuman troupe was out (I can never get enough of them by the way), I just knew it would be the elephants and your girls 🙂 But that day with the whales has got to be hard to beat. A wonderful post Meredith.

  9. Your are fortunate to be able to see and feel with wonder, and so are we to be the recipients of your gifts… the last photo is the closest to my heart, because it recognises the wonder of that easy, peaceful, everyday companionship 🙂

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