Lets Rather Give Thanks

It being Halloween, a foreign custom to me, I had thought of combining orange ghouls and other fantastical sillinesses in honour of Ailsa’s Spooky theme this week.  But what with Super Storm Sandy, Cyclone Nelum here in the Bay of Bengal, and deadly Son Tinh, the typhoon that swept through the Philippines en route to Vietnam yesterday, that seems trite and frivolous in the face of the misery now faced by the victims of these savage storms.

Lets rather give thanks that the damage and loss of life was not as catastrophic as it might have been, and dig deep, whichever way we can, to assist those who are today beginning to pick up the pieces of their shattered lives and livelihoods.

In honour of these millions, I’ve chosen some images in orange, which (as Cee points out in her Orange challenge this week) represents creativity, determination, strength and endurance – characteristics they will need in the days, weeks and months ahead.

Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge – Orange.

48 thoughts on “Lets Rather Give Thanks

  1. I really like your post…Because of the words, first of all…Then, your pics are great, specially the last one….It is a carnivore plant, isn´t it? (I do not know if this is the name in English…I am afraid I have done a literal translation ;( )…

  2. Nicely put, Wanderlust! Many people are reeling in the after-effects of this latest tropical storm system, and particularly if we are feeling grateful, we should pay it forward! ~ Kat

    • Yes we do! Here, we had a near miss when Cyclone Nelum changed its mind and turned due North instead of crashing into Trincomalee but even the flabby outer reaches of that giant storm are filling the dams and now the island’s big rivers (a relative term, Sri Lanka doesn’t have big rivers by world standards) are beginning to spill their banks – there will be widespread misery here tonight as well …

  3. Wonderful post, and I have to agree that feelings of Halloween silliness right now just isn’t feeling so right. And Kat has a great idea to pay it forward! This is the time to do that. Beautiful photos of orange.

  4. Thanksgiving is certainly in order, and your cheery orange post seems just perfect for the occasion 🙂 The Nepenthes is stunning! Is this from your exotic garden?

    • Ah, there you are, Madhu – on line! That means you’ve power (or the generator?)! We’ve been out most of the evening – just back. Some flooding in town earlier, but no major disasters reported so far. What about Chennai?

      The Nepenthes – isn’t it wonderful – is from my garden in Australia – I hope I have the opportunity to create another exotic paradise in Southern Queensland!

  5. Lovely thoughts and photos, and I really like the way you put the challenges together in such an appropriate way for the day. Nature has her fury, but also so much beauty.

  6. The colour orange always lifts my spirit, as does being grateful. We just had a conversation in th eoffice re similar. There are happy people, grateful people who give so wonderfully just because they are (and thi sis so you), and it takes no more energy than to be the opposite, so there’s no point in being un-anything, except unafraid 🙂

    • It seemed the world was being buffeted at the same time, Patti!

      First Sandy crashed right through the West Indies, then the cyclone Son Tinh hit the Philippines, then Sandy began boring up your East coast, while at the same time Son Tinh tried obliterating Hoi Ann in Viet Nam and a tropical depression in the Bay of Bengal was fanned by the North West Monsoon into a an erratic and malevolent storm that they eventually called Nelum as it headed straight for our East coast before changing its mind and slamming into India instead. And the mop up from all three storms, wherever they hit land, continues.

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