Alone on the River at Dawn

I’ve been quite overwhelmed by how many of you came across to say hello in response to Silhouettes and Sunsets being Freshly Pressed.  Thank you, and welcome!

While I’m visiting you all, and catching up with my ‘old’ followers, here’s a little something from Lao – and the Mekong – unbearably romantic at dusk, and dawn.  (Click the first image to activate the gallery slideshow.)

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67 thoughts on “Alone on the River at Dawn

  1. An interesting color on the first one. It has a misty overcast image that could go so well on
    a book cover about Vietnam. Your photos express a great deal of feeling. They are superb.
    I tried to click on the Silhouettes and Sunsets and an error popped up. ~~~~ : – (

    • Except it’s Lao, Isadore, and I think the mistiness is sun dazzle 🙂

      I’m so glad you like it too. It’s a companion piece to the ferry on my banner head – and I just love how the riders and their bikes seem to be having such a companionable time as they chug across to the island.

      Thanks for the nod about the link – seems to be a problem … tried fixing it earlier but couldn’t – will try again later in the morning.

    • Thanks Angeline, what a surprise fluke that was! When you put your heart and soul into a post and you end up being proud of what you achieve you wish for it … then a quick throw away gets the nod you remember it’s all a bit of a lottery and quickly learn to be grateful for what you get!

      You’ve seen it dear – Saturday’s silhouette entry.

  2. I checked the link to the freshly pressed post… there is an additional ‘%20’ being added to the link…. so that’s why the link is not working… so just removing the extra letters and symbols will point to the correct link… (I hope you don’t mind :D)

  3. Freshly pressed is a bit of a mixed blessing isn’t it? It’s very exciting, leads to lots of extra hits and comments, but then it’s a bit of a relief when it all quietens down again. At least that was my experience when I it happened to a post that was utterly unrepresentative of my usual writing, so I received comments from people with axes to grind on a topic in which, in truth, I had only a moment’s passing interest. I hope your new visitors stick, to enjoy your beautiful photos!

    • Luckily there was nothing contentious in the silhouette shots though some of the comments have been a little repetitive, and difficult to reply to! We’ll see how many stick – had a huge spike of follows, but from my experience that doest mean much long term either. it’s been fun and hopefully things are quietening down now so I can catch up with you and others whose blogs I haven’t seen for ages, it seems!

  4. You are an inspiration! I couldn’t be happier for you being Freshly Pressed. You have a wonderful opportunity now to share your lovely Sri Lanka with a whole new audience.

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    • Subliminally I think the ‘slow boat to China’ shot must be mine too since I chose it for my banner. The bicycle punt would have been better if I’d captured it closer to shore, so it didn’t have the silhouette of the land so close to the passenger’s heads … then it would be a real contender, because I love the possible stories, and the whimsical humour.

  6. Belated congratulations for being Freshly Pressed, Meredith – I missed it completely over the weekend!

    Ah, Laos. Seeing that one of Pha That Luang brings back some fond memories. 🙂 I loved that profound piece you wrote some time ago on the Mekong, it got me excited to see it for the very first time in Vientiane.

    • Ah, James, were you one of the handful of determined souls who ploughed through my little essay? I didn’t realise, back then, that blog posts needed to be pitched at a more time-friendly level! Not that it’d have made much difference, I think – unless I’d have written to my hearts’ content and then serialised it! I’m still ‘mad about the Merkong’ – just a river, but a fascinating force of nature!

      Glad the shots stirred happy memories for you. 🙂

      • Oh, that was one of my favourite posts on TWG. I really got a sense of its power and your respect for the river, being the lifeblood of so many in Southeast Asia. I had the same issue with a lot of my earlier posts – some of them even had 40 photos attached!

  7. really nice work, that “alone on the river” shot, the orange gold one, is PHENOMINAL…u should’ve won the silhouette contest at the least…love it! oh and ps…..if you stop by my sight again, arrow down and read my poem…”WANDERLUST OF A DOODAD”! full of double entendre’s, because I was inspired by Craig Ferguson and Trent Lewin (both kings)…lol just thought you might like it!

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