The Companionableness of an old Couple

I always feel like a bit of a purve, shooting couples, but Ailsa demands couples for her Travel Theme Challenge this week, so I’ll add a couple more from my meagre store.

I really like the first one – it’s a terrible shot, I know, but it was the companionableness of this couple, grown plump in each other’s company, and you can tell why.  They’re vendors at the new Negombo fish market and while everyone else was resting in the shade, or wandering around chatting during the heat of the day, they’d laid a makeshift table in the shade and sat down to have lunch together.

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33 thoughts on “The Companionableness of an old Couple

    • Sounds like a fantastic shot, Viv. There’s something about old-timers who’ve got themselves together and just are … especially when they’re good friends. The mushroom men have been one of my favourites for 30 years or so!

  1. Fabulous post for the theme. I love your phrase, “this couple, grown plump in each other’s company.” I see many such couples here in Florida. 🙂 My favourite pic is the one of the mushroom seller guys. Wonderful!

    • I suppose most of us feel a bit that way – it’s bad enough taking people shots but couples seem to wrap themselves in a protective shield that says ‘private’ and I feel so guilty about invading it I’m sure my whole body screams out what i’m doing!

      Look forward to seeing your entries 🙂

  2. I especially like the couple “grown plump in each other’s company”. Kind of reminds me that
    much of a relationship grows among the mundane details.

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    • I wasn’t sure about the skinny couple about to go through the gate in the old Galle Fort wall – his hand movement, and that, coupled with the girl being a fraction of a second out of step – denoting she’s dragging her feet, wanting to look at something else, made me think he was impatient with her … So long since i was a couple, perhaps I’ve forgotten it happens often enough, eh?

  4. I love your photos, especially the first one. The picture speaks so much about togetherness – they need not speak nor hold each other to be able to communicate.

    • Thank you Imelda – I was concerned about including the photo because it’s a poor composition – but the image of them in my mind, sitting there at that immaculately cleaned table, eating together, speaking little, but totally together and apart from the crowd, has remained so strong, in my memory, I just had to!

  5. I love couples photos, especially older couples. Some of them have this special feeling, you can’t describe with words. 🙂

    • The umbrella is wonderful, isn’t it? I don’t know how far the tradition goes – certainly beyond my 20 years experience – but ALL courting couples sit under an umbrella – it must be some sort of psychological invisibility screen!

    • I had to talk about that shot, otherwise how could I have included it in a photo challenge? Maybe because I’m older now, I prefer looking at mature couples – there’s history, and character in their relationship.

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