A Patch of Sunset

Silhouettes and Sunsets

Silhouettes allow us to fill in the blanks and play tricks with our senses.
Whether we’re creating gambolling bunnies around a campfire for the amusement of children, or describing the starkly etched silhouette of a great building against the sky, they are a romantic device beloved of us all.  Here’s a little gallery of silhouettes against Sri Lankan skies (click the first image to activate the gallery slideshow).

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168 thoughts on “Silhouettes and Sunsets

    • You can say that again Marianne!

      On the other hand, it’s very beautiful on the Sunshine Coast and I have barely any photos of it because I was playing nurse pretty well full-time! I’m hoping that setting about photographing my new home will intensity the sense of adventure and discovery, somewhat diminishing my nostalgia for Sri Lanka!

  1. For once, even I have joined in with this one! Vivid sunsets really do enhance a lovely silhouette do the not? I’ve got some more to post up, so unlike you, I’m doing them one day at a time. I like the last one best, btw.

    • Exotic paradise doesn’t always have the most splendid sunsets, Keira – not like Perth, or central Australia, but I’ve noticed, from my balcony, I get some beautiful sections high above the horizon – which is often clouded out by humidity. Then too, during stormy times … Like you, any excuse to get out the camera at dusk, or dawn:)

      • I use the framing of trees and the restrictions of house roofs and telephone poles to enahnce what can be an otherwise bland sunset. This evening’s won’t be much – no cloud at all. Tomorrow though? So, yes, I use tricks to get my shots too:-)

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  3. Your silhouettes are so romantic. A very long time ago I went through a “painting” silhouettes phase. If I had seen some of these I may have been inspired to continue to paint.

  4. Your eyes capture beautiful things and your words explain them wonderfully. I love to hear what a photographer was thinking when something was captured. Good stuff. I’m new to your blog and will look forward to your future posts! xo

    • It’s one of my favourite Unawatuna sunsets so far Allan – glad you liked it, and that the little post met the challenge. It seems a bit of a sham for something like this to get a nod, but hey, what the heck, it’s great to be Freshly Pressed – thanks:)

    • I just might need to store them Patti – I’m moving to the East coast of Australia, so there’ll be no more beachside sunsets unless I venture across the desert – but then they have the best sunsets there …:)

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  7. Great collection! Love silhouettes and sunsets…hope the ones I took last night are half as good as what you put up here! Thanks for the reminder to get them out there!

    • That makes me feel much better, Madhu!

      I’m glad you chose the bicycles at Galle shot – it’s a real slice of life type of shot, not all technicolour sunset, which, lets face it, you can get anywhere:)

      Thanks for spending all that time catching up! It’s good to have you back.

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