Three Single Flowers

From the garden, three single flowers –

Click to activate the gallery slideshow.  Thank you Cee for this excuse to post (only) three single flowers.

39 thoughts on “Three Single Flowers

  1. Lovely flowers! The first one looks familiar as I often see it here in my country. But the other two look stranger to me. So perhaps I should say “hi” to them here at your blog 🙂

    • Hello to you too! Where is your country? The anthurium (the first photo) and the torch ginger bud were taken in Australia, just north of Brisbane, and the third, the lotus, here in Sri Lanka – is it a real tropical plant – though you can be sure I’ll try growing it back in the sub-tropics when I go back to Australia next year!

  2. My my…and the two pink flowers with such a flavour of the Orient..the white flower looking a touch like a forlon Mapplethorpe extra, but beautifully captured. Everytime I try anything like that for shots of my copper products all I get it a blurred mess looking grey. Goodness knows how you do it!

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    Three Single Flowers

    three single flowers
    gave me three minutes of peaceful contemplation
    in each I saw something of my past,
    present, and future I must not forgo
    I saw my lust for life, somewhat forlorn, my fragile and naive need for blessing
    and the lovely lines of Oriental mystery
    I so often think of seeking.
    I saw three countries, continents
    three thoughts, ideas
    that made me

    …thanks wanderlustgene!

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