The Goddess and the Machines

Addendum – 11 October:

Since it’s now Thursday, I’ll add a few words.  This statue graces the huge square opposite the Courthouse in Galle Fort.  This last year, the municipal authorities have been repaving all the roads – and the square – in the fort, and these machines used for laying the pavers were parked in the square over the weekend.  Why they chose the Goddess’s corner, I don’t know, but like to think it’s because she’ll make sure nobody tampers with them!

22 thoughts on “The Goddess and the Machines

    • She’s there, a Goddess of Justice and Fair Play, presiding over the most majestic of squares, opposite the courthouse in Galle Fort! It’s the machines that have invaded her territory – only temporarily, while they repave all the roads and squares in the fort! I’m convinced they chose to park them here at night, and on the weekends so she could guard them – nobody would tamper with them under her guardianship 🙂

  1. In the western world we have the god IN the machine – but there the goddess comes to us and mixes her blessing (or menacing?) arms with new- or old-fangled machines. Interesting!.

    • Almost, Vera … Since it’s Thursday, I’ve added a note about the picture … pop over if you’re interested 🙂

    • No dear (well I hope this corner of the square won’t become a storage area for municipal equipment!) – they’re parking this equipment here overnight, and on the weekends while they’re repaving Galle Fort. 🙂

    • Fairly temporary (I hope), but while they’re using this corner of the square to store the paving equipment it does make for the most interesting of juxtapositions, as you say, Kate 🙂

        • She still looks as if she’s stuck in a garage to me! 🙂 I’m chuckling here. I knew there was an interesting explanation. I was making a joke when I said you were confusing us! I would like to see the square once the project is completed. Thanks for clearing up the matter… If her corner becomes a storage area, serious, organized protests are in order! 🙂

          • Given the terrible lack of space in the Fort, and the way things go here, it might happen, though i’m counting on the tourism authorities to keep the pressure on to beautify the place … and the foreigners who live there now (a sad new development, despite the good they’ve done in salvaging some of the neglected old buildings).

            The square looks wonderful – I’ve lots of pictures, complete with ongoing cricket match – am just waiting for a curatorial inspiration … 🙂

  2. She seems more like the Goddess of wealth (Laxmi) than justice strangely! Look forward to your pictures of the square sans the machines 🙂

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