The Window in the Wall

The Window in the Wall is one of the things that attracted me to this house – although it wasn’t the decider, it gives me joy every day.  I have, possibly, hundreds of photographs of it in different guises, but the shot I took the other day is my favourite so far, and seems an appropriate contribution to  Marianne’s CBBH October Challenge – Windows.

As to this month’s introductions, I’d like to recommend two urban photographers to you this time –  one from the gritty streets of New York, the other mainly from Europe.   That’s all I’ll tell you about them – go and see their work for yourselves.  I hope you enjoy their blogs as much as I do.

Piran Cafe


Lust & Rum

Now,  I couldn’t leave you with just one window, so here’s a little gallery of my ‘monkey windows’ – the windows from which I spy on and shoot my friends from the Hanuman Troupe.  Since this activity is so completely tied up with two of the other themes for this week: Happy and Animals., I’m also posting a shot from each window.  (Click on the first image to activate the gallery slider so you can see my friends up close …  )

33 thoughts on “The Window in the Wall

  1. Beautiful windows. I love the one on today’s header above your blog. What is it about windows that grabs so many of us?
    What lovely views from those windows you have!

    • Windows, doors … all full of possibilities, I think, Angeline. When I was thinking about what to contribute for this challenge, i put together a few of my favourite windows … would you believe, 29 from Venice alone! Seems I’ve material for several window posts, and would still not run out.

      The light on the Banner shot is tremendous, isn’t it – and the shadows danced on the wall in a wonderful way. I’m enjoying this house so much – not just the pretty things like the window in the wall, but yes, the things I see from my windows – it’s a real bonus 🙂

  2. Yes, the light on your Banner shot IS amazing. What a great contribution to this month´s CBBH Photo Challenge. You will be so sad to leave when you return to Australia.

    I have lots of photos of windows, doors, bridges and stairways – which are all full of possibilities.

    Thank you for featuring two blogs that are both new to me, anyway.

    Lovely entry, Meredith – thank you for your continuing support 🙂

    • As you can see, I’m milking it for all it’s worth because when I go to Oz I can’t allow myself to be nostalgic and looking back – resettlement must be a new adventure, more mundane maybe – unless I have marsupials outside my window .. 🙂

      Glad I was able to introduce two new bloggers to you Marianne – i really like this way of widening the circles and am happy to contribute in this way!

    • That’s a fantastic shot, isn’t it? I just love the light and dancing shadows from the bamboo leaves.

    • Hard to resist posting about everything in my life just now Pattie – it’ll be over before I know it, and it’s just soooo exotic!

    • To me it’s stateless, timeless, and yet very “Sri Lankan style” with its’ links to Europe …

    • The architect got it just right, I think, Christine – the window on the wall is like a painting, seen through the glass wall of the living room. 🙂

    • No monkeys outside your windows Bob? It’s just too exotic here, isn’t it? I’m lapping it up like mad, as you can imagine!

      Glad to share the joy when I really do recommend a blog … I like this way of introducing fellow bloggers.

    • Glad you enjoyed it, and thanks for the feedback. I’ve found that I can manipulate the layout a little to make it more aesthetically pleasing – though sometimes at the expense of the flow of the slideshow. My other concern was that the thumbnails are so large many people may not activate the slideshow and then miss out on seeing my friends in detail 🙂

    • Yeah – I couldn’t agree more! Well, that’s what I tell myself when i get caught peering through other people’s windows as I walk down the street … I can’t seem to stop myself doing it 🙂

  3. Beautiful shots! They look great in the new gallery layout! I’d love to invite you to participate in yet another weekly photo challenge!

    Our Wild Weekly Photo Challenge encourages bloggers to head into the wild (or the backyard) and photograph something outdoors that they feel fits the weekly theme. Our current theme for this week is “Fall”

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